Hang Loose: Forecast for April 2-8, 2012

The big turnaround is starting now. This is the moment that the ocean liner changes direction, the engine enters the roundhouse and circles into an about-face, the boat of a car slowly backs-and-forths into a K-turn. Have you been organizing, clearing, prepping and getting into shape? Might want to tackle what you can. Time for them is already becoming scarce…and will be a luxury soon enough.

The two retrogrades are coming to an end that have been largely responsible for the every-which-way-but-forward drag we’re been experiencing. Their final days have the effect of brakes ever so slowly halting a train as it pulls into the station.

Much of the week will have a suspended in air feel, as if time has momentarily stopped. Mercury, the planet that rules communication and travel flow, is stationing direct on Monday, and will not move noticeably until next week. By the week, Mars will ease into the degree where he will turn direct next week.

Thought, conversations, messages, getting around, getting anything done will all move into slo-mo. On top of that, since Mars is in a stressed-out aspect to the cosmic fog machine Neptune, motivations are going to be murky, cloaked and misread. People could stop in mid-action with no idea of what they were doing or how they got there.

Be prepared for this, and utilize it. Take second, third and fourth looks at everything. Double-check your research, facts, data, reasoning and planning. Allow scads of extra time for traveling. Put your car and work space in order. Send out feelers without expectations of a time frame for responses; just send them out and wait and see what comes back when.

Make a game out of it. You may as well, because no one will be able to force or predict timing. Expect that to be forever and you can only be pleasantly surprised.

Oddly, as these two retrogrades are wrapping up, Venus is entering the sign where hers will take place in May and June. She rules what we value (money, possessions, our connections to others, traits and talents in ourselves), and she’s about to whip up a lot of talk and activity in that arena. About to, mind you. She moves on Tuesday into the communication and technology-happy sign of Gemini, but since that is ruled by Mercury — who is as good as motionless — her stay there will get off to a leisurely start.

In this slow, simmering stew comes the first Full Moon of spring, on Friday. The Libra Full Moon spotlights our social connections, agreements, responsibilities and obligations. How are they faring? How’s the reciprocity? How far have you come in winding up old business and patterns, renegotiating or clearing out unworkable situations and firming up mutually beneficial arrangements? (My moon cast will be up on the site Thursday.)

What we see in the light of this Moon is not going to fade from sight quickly, with so much slowed in the sky (and the Moon’s ruler Venus lounging about in Mercury’s home sign while he is, again, basically motionless). Saturn’s putting on the brakes as well. He’s a bit out of reach of the Full Moon proper, but he is in the Moon’s sign as well as in her path. Time will abound to think and talk and formulate responses and action plans. Implementing them is another matter. That comes later; they’re still ripening now.

Work with the slowness. Look closely. Inspect. Analyze. Ponder. Rethink. Redo. Reorganize. While you can.

More in my extended weekly forecast and quickie weekly podcast.

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