Push-Me Pull-You: Libra Full Moon

April 6, 2012
12:19 PM PDT / 3:19 PM EDT / 7:19 PM GMT
17 Aries 23 / 17 Libra 23

Our ability to coexist is up for review under the Libra Full Moon. The topic is not easy or comfortable under the best conditions. This time, it’s especially full of contradictory pulls.

This Moon takes place on the relationship axis, Aries and Libra, the two signs that connect each of us as individuals to other people one-on-one. The Full Moon lights up where your individual impulses are in harmony with your relationships (ground rules as well as people)…and where they are not.

Each of these signs is hosting an outer planet with divergent influences: rebellious and unpredictable Uranus in the sign of the individual and order-imposing Saturn on the relationship end. Uranus in Aries acts independently and impulsively, Libra favors compromise, and Saturn wants rules and agreements to be followed, for their own sake. The Sun and the Moon are literally caught in the middle of this dichotomy, since they fall roughly halfway between the two giants.

And so are you. This Full Moon is a point of culmination in this balancing act. Some of what the Moon lights up will be satisfying, headed for locking more deeply into place when the Moon meets up with Saturn. Some of what the Moon lights up could leave you feeling torn, with your mind and emotions at cross purposes and existing obligations hampering your ability to be a free agent (and yourself). And some of what you see will spur you — or other people — to action.

The Full Moon’s tension is part of the prolonged gear shift that relationships have been undergoing since the holidays. We’ve been in a relationship lab since Saturn entered Libra in the fall of 2009, and that’s wrapping up now with him in the final months and degrees of that sign. We’ve got till the beginning of September to tie up loose ends, nail down new arrangements and clean up ones that are history. Recent months have brought a flurry of relationships ending abruptly and bewilderingly, due to a disparity in reciprocity or commitment that made the arrangement unsupportable. Even people who are mourning a breakup have admitted to me that they could not accept the situation as it had become.

This Full Moon is a measuring point in the relationship lab wrap-up. Look at how you view yourself in relation to others now, what you are now willing to do and contribute and accept and, especially, what parts of the old game you are now longer willing to play. Look, too, at how the one-on-one connections are flowing differently and, especially, in how people are treating you differently. Look at how differently everything feels and is when you respect your needs and individuality and act with responsibility to yourself. Relationships become honest, genuine and real.

Still, tension and disparities abound. Something else in the sky is fueling them besides Uranus and Saturn, and that’s the clashing, head-butting contact the Full Moon’s rulers are making. The Moon’s ruler Venus (who rules our hearts and what we hold dear) is in Gemini, squaring the Sun’s ruler Mars (who rules our inner drive) in Virgo.

Heart and will are not allied. Neither are the feminine and masculine. (The national news should get interesting.) Their push against each other demands action. (Reeeeeally interesting.) That could take any form from flirting (with aggression masking attraction, as in screwball comedies) to outright combativeness. The action will likely involve what we think, say, hear and read, since the sparring lovers are in the two signs ruled by messenger Mercury.

Words aren’t going away; situations aren’t resolving quickly; thoughts and information will unspool for a while. Mercury’s just ended his retrograde, on Wednesday, and isn’t in any hurry to get moving. His lounging mode affects Venus, who is gearing up for her own retrograde (coming next month), and also Mars, who is retrograde himself and easing into the about-face that will take place next week. All of this spells slow burns, slow reveals and words that can not be taken back.

Take a long term view of this week’s developments. What is fair, responsible and supportive to you, first of all, and then to the other? What is unduly restrictive? These questions apply to the collective, too. (Take, for glaring example, the Supreme Court decision sanctioning strip searches for any arrest, even for minor offenses.)

Think about them. Talk about them. And get to work.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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