Second Gear: Forecast for April 23-29, 2012

It’s time to get moving! (And aren’t you ready for it, too?) This is a week of consolidating, mental house cleaning, and incremental progress.

The slow foundational firming and improvement that we’ve been observing since mid-March is becoming tangibly personal — not a theory, not something we’re witnessing in our environment, but something we are experiencing for ourselves. The Sun is bringing that to fruition, along with some of the promise of last Saturday’s Taurus New Moon.

He’s completing the easy flow of energy of a trine to Mars (the ruler of our drive, in the earth sign of discernment, perfecting, and healthy habits and boundaries) and to Pluto (the purifier and regenerator, in the earth sign of structures, long-term security, organizations and traditions). The one-two contact facilitates internalizing the foundation and garden work you’ve been doing (metaphoric and real), as well as attention to physicality, fixing and organizing, making deep-level changes and refocusing your daily routine and environment with an eye to what is healthy, productive and efficient.

Sounds like a formula for breaking or adopting habits, doesn’t it? That’s certainly one arena to tackle now. All of you who have been tinkering with habits, with exercise routines and/or with diet have cosmic back-up for locking in those new approaches.

The trines will also push action on those items that carry over from week to week to (be honest) month on your to-do list. All those tasks you’ve been putting off are ripe for resolution — which may mean deciding they’re worth less attention than you’d been fearing, and in some cases none at all.

All this comes with a big dose of feeling like you’re getting somewhere. Productivity can be amazingly energizing, especially after the last two exhausting weeks of Mars dawdling in the sky. which left so many of us feeling like scorched earth. The planet of action is on the move again, at last, not merely out of retrograde but actually moving from one to degree to another, which will cause momentum to build and build and build.

As he inches along, he’s getting monkey-in-the-middle pressure from the Moon’s nodes, which will crest next week. The tension is forcing out into the open simmering aggressions and impelling choices between falling back into old behaviors and thinking or striving toward ones that are healthier for one and all. (That spells more support for lifestyle changes!)

Easing up on yourself is also part of the picture — a nice combination, don’t you think: making progress and not beating up on yourself that it’s taken so long. With the Sun in a cooperative link to Chiron, look for evidence that you’ve actually done quite well with the standstill energies of late and achieved quite a bit. If evidence doesn’t jump out at you, look for opportunities, even tiny ones, to treat yourself gently and kindly. (In fact, do that even if you’re awash in evidence of achievement.)

While you’re consolidating, moving forward and giving yourself slack, maybe even indulging in some pats on the back, you’ll be throwing out some of what’s been in and on your mind. Messenger Mercury is reverberating from Sunday’s meet-up with the volatile genius of Uranus, which resounds again on Thursday. “It’s crazy, but it just might work!” is the catchphrase of the week as wacky, innovative but workable ideas and approaches break out everywhere, along with the daring to give them a try.

And if the bolts don’t strike you in that way, they promise to deliver unexpected messages that tilt your thinking and change the picture into something much, much different. The impact leads not to rubbing your forehead or wondering what in the world you’ll do know, but springing to action, impulsively and boldly.

In this gauntlet of openness to new ways of thinking, Mercury makes an action-demanding link to Pluto the transformer. Caution goes out the window. Raw truths, even secrets, come to the surface. Game-changing information pops out. Thinking changes, permanently. Certain concepts aren’t going along for the ride any longer. The cumulative result is streamlining, liberating, motivating and energizing.

More in my extended weekly forecast and quickie

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