Forecast for April 30-May 6, 2012

This week we’re alternating between the accelerator and the brake pedal. No wincing at the prospect of braking! It may prove more welcome and beneficial than you think.

The start/stop vibe offers opportunities to breathe and acclimate as events speed up. It can also be fun, especially if you decide to take advantage of the braking times. Fortunately, they’re on a predictable schedule this week, which means you can plan for and work with them.

Mars, the planet the rules action and motivation, is propelling us forward. The pressure on him (form the Moon’s nodes) is squeezing us to move from old, knee-jerk behaviors into healthier, more conscious approaches. Memories of the past do not need to control. The fact that some are surfacing — and painful ones, at that, thanks to tension between Mars and Chiron — just as easily means that they’re coming up for airing, addressing and healing.

While Mars is pumping the gas pedal, other forces are bearing on the brake. Every other day this week, the Moon is void of course for at least eight hours at a stretch.

Brief refresher on voids: A void starts when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign and ends when she enters the next. Although the nature of that last aspect colors the void, all voids have certain characteristics in common. They are diffuse, dreamy and hard to steer. During the void, it’s really best to sit back and let things happen. Nothing lasting generally comes of matters that start or are pushed then, so do not schedule important meetings or contract signings during them. Use the time instead for quiet, renewal, brainstorming, contemplation and generally letting life play out.

The start/stop schedule runs like this: All systems are go Monday until mid morning, when the Moon goes void from 10:18 AM – 7:43 PM EDT. We’re back online Tuesday. Wednesday we’re down again for the entire day, with the Moon void from about 7 AM till around 10 PM EDT. Thursday gets a green light that lasts till early afternoon Friday, when the Moon goes void from 2:02 PM – 10:20 PM EDT. Saturday is westward, ho! (and a Full Moon in Scorpio, too; look for my forecast on the site by Friday.) Sunday is truly a day of rest, with the Moon void from 8:14 AM to 9:40 PM EDT.

Start/stop. Start/stop. Start/stop. Do not let this drive you nuts. Use the flow and ebb. The pace will zoom, and then it won’t. By the time that happens, you’ll be craving a break. Let up; think; ponder; take it what’s just happened in the flurry; regroup.

Think of this week as a long car trip. When you’re moving, you’re making great time and gobbling up the miles. When the voids hit, pull off the road and stretch your legs. Explore the thoughts and emotions you’ve pushed back while in the thick of the action (all of which will grow more and more noticeable as the Full Moon approaches). Have a snack. Head for a scenic overlook and enjoy the view. Snooze, even. The change of pace will clear your mind, recharge your stamina and make your attention all the keener and sharper.

More in my extended weekly forecast and quickie podcast.

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