Cooking With Gas! Forecast for May 7-13, 2012

“Third gear…hang on tight….faster; it’s alright.” — Brian Wilson & Mike Love, Little Honda

We are moving now. The route may change Friday, but otherwise, this week it’s all systems go.

Can you hear the cheering? Maybe you’re cheering, too. So much has been on the brink of happening lately but just not kicking in yet. The past few weeks have had a pace that defied hurrying and required more down time than some of us consciously wanted. That pace will quickly be the stuff of distant, wistful memory.

This week brings one shift in energetic mode and a few significant aspects. (And no day-long void of course Moons!) Mercury is leaving the impulsiveness and drive of Aries for the stability, grounding and practicality of Taurus. He does this during the predawn hours Wednesday and turns mental activity from boldness to the careful and concrete.

Even though Taurus is a sign that takes its time, Mercury quickly moves toward free-flowing trines with Mars (exact on Sunday) and Pluto (exact next week). His course creates another recurrence of the grand earth trine that has been with us off and on since mid-March. Aspects of your life have been locking together into a compact but fertile garden, a sturdy foundation that supports your existence and future growth. With the planet of communication and transportation entering that picture, thoughts, conversations and messages are coming to solidify that platform further.

At a minimum, you’re wrapping your brain around the existence and nature of this foundation. News is likely to come in stabilizing and fine-tuning it, too. You may hear of or discuss tangible resources (money and more). More workable or efficient technology may be involved. So might short trips, changes in your commute or usual means of transportation, and reading up on a topic with practical or financial application. If you have been wanting certain information, or a more practical phone, computer or car, go after it now.

Adding to the lively conversation is Venus hitting the degree of her retrograde on Thursday. She’s in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, which encourages freewheeling connecting, no strings attached, the more, the merrier — and lots of company on this stretch of the journey. She likes her options open and, while she’s willing to talk, don’t expect deep and abiding commitment from her in this sign. Her retrograde (from May 15-June 27) will be full of talk going over old territory and times, not to mention exploring other options. It will draw people out of the woodwork like crazy, some of whom you will not have thought about in forever. Watch for them to start surfacing by the weekend. They could be reminders that there are other fish in the sea, or of how much you’ve changed, or that you carry around some unhelpful thoughts and attitudes about relationships.

You do have a definite invitation to get over lingering wounds, with Chiron making an opportunity aspect to Pluto. Their link encourages looking at (and getting past) those times when you took the fall for others, or soaked up their pain, or damaged yourself because of a relationship. Ongoing, abiding issues are ripe for transformation into something that waters and nurtures the garden that the grand earth trine has been creating for you.

If by some wild chance you are not able to see the garden around you, pay attention to what unfolds this weekend. Personal harvest, enjoyment and satisfaction are on the schedule from the Sun meeting’s with Jupiter on Sunday. (We get a preview on Wednesday when they make a similar contact by declination.) What’s been building and solidifying since last June now becomes real on a very personal level. There’s not merely reason for hope and optimism, but also cause for celebration. It’s time to enjoy all the sensual, physical delights of existence.

More in my extended weekly forecast and quickie podcast.

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