Heartbeat: Forecast for May 28-June 3, 2012

Messages and mental processes continue to take center stage this week . Cosmic messenger Mercury is hyperactive as ever, zooming through his home sign of Gemini and delivering data galore about what your heart wants and what you’re willing (or need) to do to get it.

He’s also dropping hints about May 20’s solar eclipse, the personal meaning of which is just beginning to take shape for each of us. Remain alert. Treat events and coincidences as messages. (One helpful and sometimes fun approach: What would this mean if it were written in a novel?) The universe and your higher guidance are broadcasting 24/7 these days, and their info is for the having if you will only turn your receiver on.

Some of this week’s activity is going to be a bit fractious. Fighting words will fly (or, at least, ones that spur folks to action) in the first half of the week, as Mercury and Mars enter the ring to go a round late Wednesday. The dust-up could affect any number of areas, since Mercury rules communication, transportation and vehicles for both. Technology disruptions and road rage are in this picture. Use the first as signals for needed repairs or upgrades, the second as a warning to steer clear.

Don’t fear it. This dynamism bodes well for breaking out of stuck places. Some information is going push you off the fence and send you running toward something you want. And what you want is certainly on your mind and in the air — and maybe, just maybe, within reach.

That’s because the planet that delivers messages and bouquets has his own extended date with the goddess of love on Friday. It’s a day-long extravaganza, with Mercury and Venus meeting on the ecliptic (by declination) as well as by zodiacal degree, a two-step that’s known as a super-conjunction. Hearts and minds are simpatico, aligned, on the same page, working as one — whatever concept of unswerving alliance works for you.

Their mutual admiration society creates an atmosphere of receptiveness to words from the heart, whether they’re declarations of love or a heartfelt clearing of the air. If you’ve been wanting to set things straight in a troubling situation, Friday’s ideal for finding the right words and having them go over as gently and well as possible.

The communication flow goes two ways. Notice who reaches out to you and what they say. The importance is not merely having pleasant conversations — though some will be pleasant to a wonderful extreme — but also arming you with information with very personal value. Who do you love? What do you love? Why do you love? Messages touch on all these questions. (Watch for gender issues, women’s rights and relationship/marriage items to be all over the news.) Some are going to have a retrospective feel, because of Venus being retrograde. Puzzle pieces could fall in your lap that explain why a certain situation played out as it did, and why that outcome is now a good thing for you.

Mercury and Venus’ special day is helping us amass info about the state of our relationships, bank accounts, self-worth and other valuables. That’s all funneling into the build-up to next Tuesday, when Venus meets and eclipses the Sun. Some of this information amounts to full-scale, even perspective-altering realizations and revelations, which are dropping and escalating in the build-up to next Monday’s Sagittarius Full Moon lunar eclipse. (Look for my mooncast on this site by Sunday.)

In the short run, this week is energizing, motivating and socially pleasurable. In the bigger picture, it’s also an exercise in data collection, heart and mind working together, each supporting the other.

For more big-picture information (and strategies), visit my Summer of 2012 Resource page. Bookmark this and come back to it again and again!

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. If you like it, please give it five stars on iTunes!

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