Blow, Ye Winds: Forecast for June 11-17, 2012

This week the winds of change grow bigger and, in some ways, better. (“What??? More???” I hear some of you gasping. Yes. More. Keep breathing.) They’re expanding on what we’ve already been experiencing. The philosophical rebooting we’re undergoing is getting a huge assist as larger-than-life Jupiter moves into the air sign of Gemini for a one-year stay.

Jupiter is the devil-may-care big guy who ups the ante of any action he’s in. For the past year he’s been playing gardener in the Taurus area of our charts, where he’s poked around, applied Miracle-Gro and set a nice rolling harvest in motion. He’s shifting now to whipping up all things Gemini: the flow of communication, data and information; the speed of our minds and the input coming at us; a proliferation of innovative gadgets and technology; multi-tasking; short attention spans;’ the urge to talk, share, learn, read, dart from subject to subject and place to place…

Makes your head spin just reading about it, doesn’t it? The first days could be like a gust of wind blowing papers off your desk — only instead of turning into clutter, they fall into patterns that turn out to be neat and beneficial. The instant Jupiter takes off in Gemini (which is Monday), he activates the degree of May 20th’s New Moon solar eclipse. Whatever you’ve sensed the possibilities of that eclipse to be, they are swelling into grander contours now.

Haven’t though in terms of the eclipse? What new directions or horizons have you been sensing opening up? (Perhaps inside you, if nothing external comes to mind?) Those are expanding and expanding now.

Think big, then think even bigger. Information will be flying; trust that helpful data is coming your way. Themes and issues are coming back around from mid-2000 to mid-2001, when Jupiter was last in this sign. Think about what expanded then (good and bad) and what big themes shaped your life, and you have a preview of what’s blowing in over the next year.

Much of the communication and data flow will have an emotional content — or impact. Gemini’s ruler Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, where he touched down last week. He has a way there of tugging at heartstrings, of bringing tears to eyes in response to a video, a song on the car radio, or even a commercial. (Who remembers Kodak’s campaign using Malvina Reynolds’ song “Turn Around?”) So the processing won’t be purely intellectual. You may be surprised what touches you — and what people choose to take personally.

Grounding continues to important. You don’t want to get lifted off into the sky yourself. (Or maybe you do; who am I to presuppose?) In this atmosphere, focusing and staying on track will require concerted effort, and planting your feet on solid ground. Jupiter is moving into a hard aspect with Neptune that will increase and thicken the fog, confusion and illusion coming off the god of transcendence. Ask for guidance and miracles, and they will surely rain down upon you. Spin doctors will be in overdrive as we glide into next week, though, so … just keep putting your feet back on the ground.

Fortunately, this week affords time for breathing, assimilation and reflection. Long void of course moons are back in the picture for the time being. (Want a refresher on the meaning of a void of course moon? Click here.) The void times are all day Monday, Thursday morning and all day Saturday. These are stretches for kicking back and letting life play out, for being more inner-directed than outcome-oriented, for sitting still and quietly long enough for the ruckus in your head to settle down. There’s certainly plenty of fodder to contemplate from the last few weeks. There’s no need to actively sort and analyze. Simply be and insights can come to you.

For more big-picture information (and strategies), visit my Summer of 2012 Resource page. Bookmark this and come back to it again and again!

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