Gemini New Moon of June 19, 2012

8:02 AM PDT / 11:02 AM EDT / 3:02 PM GMT
28 Gemini 43

The old ad slogan “Double your pleasure; double your fun” would be a fitting tagline for Gemini, the sign of the twins. It’s certainly true for all of us during this Gemini-focused time. The sign is sharing its two-fer bent by hosting two consecutive New Moons this year, and the second one comes this week.

Tuesday’s Gemini New Moon delivers a double shot of the revitalizing mental energy of the current eclipse cycle. Last month’s New Moon was on May 20, at the first degree of Gemini; this week’s takes place at the last and also activates the degree of the lunar eclipse that launched this cycle, the Sagittarius Full Moon of December 2010. The issues that crested then are coming full circle and shooting off into a new cycle.

This convergence — two New Moons in the same energy, the return to the summing-up point that started it all — means that the skies are hammering the message but good: It is time to cut loose from old ways of thinking, old information sources, old technology and vehicles, old dynamics with siblings and neighbors. The cutting loose is already happening, actually, without us having to wield the knife consciously (although you could certainly harness this vibe and do that).

The configuration of this New Moon signals — yea verily, screams — skyrocketing into the new. The activity surrounding it is all major. The first cog is the summer solstice, only barely a day away, on Wednesday. The solstice is always a major turning point that affects and resets everyone, individually and collectively. By ushering in the solstice, this New Moon colors the next three months

Add to that Saturn slowing to a halt, to station direct next Monday and end his five-month retrograde through the sign of relationships, reciprocity and social order. As he stops, he’s in an easy flow to the Moon, which is going to prolong our experience of everything that happens now. This link is creating a slo-o-o-o-o-o-o-mo effect that suspends us in time. Words will hang in the air (no take backs!); developments will begin to take shape frame by frame by frame and then inch toward us. It could be agonizing; it could give plenty of lead time for preparing what’s on the way.

The Moon is also squaring Mars, the ruler of our drive, in the sign of Virgo, where the intellect and earthly details meet. The impact makes us feel that we must act — but we can not just yet. We must analyze, rethink, inspect and perfect. That’s wonderfully fitting, given that both this Moon and Mars are ruled by Mercury, lord of everything that flits through the air (and our minds). Action must happen on the mental level before it plays out in the physical.

And, lest we forget (as if!), this New Moon occurs in the lead-in to Sunday’s Uranus/Pluto square, the first of seven clashes that is sending shock waves through our beings, our institutions and the very ground beneath our feet. If we haven’t been keeping pace and upgrading appropriately, what we rely on is hitting the end of the line and falling apart. (Any other techno-Luddites out there finding that they can’t put off installing a new operating system any longer? Or feeling increasing pressure to ditch a plain ol’ cell phone for a smartphone or iPad?)

We are being shot out of old school ways. For now, though, the journey is like the moments preceding an accident, when every second feels like an eternity and developments occur increment by increment. Once timekeeper Saturn starts moving next month, the very slowness that is so agonizing now will feel like a luxury. Savor it. Take advantage of it.

Once again, here’s my list of where we have the opportunity to start anew. Bookmark and return!

✭ We can wipe the technology slate clean. How much time do you really want to spend online, on Facebook and Twitter and the zillion of other social media sites, texting and watching TV anyway? How do the topics in your Facebook feed affect your mood?

✭ We can clean our mental filters. (This is a extension of the above paragraph.) What do you normally think about? Who do you regularly talk to? What is the quality of your conversation? What are the topics? Do you read anymore? Contemplate? Think? Are your thoughts really yours, or are they the programming/parroting/byproduct of what you see on TV, hear on talk radio or read online? What catchphrases do you normally use? Is any of this congruent with what you want to be going through your mind?

✭ We can consciously launch new phases with siblings and neighbors. Do you and your sibs still relate with the old dynamics, or do you relate as adults or allies? (Think about it: Who else understands you so thoroughly? Who so thoroughly shares your frame of reference?) Are you in sync with the people in your neighborhood? Do you want to be?

✭ We can become conscious of the nature and quality of our information sources (see first paragraph) and make new choices.

✭ We can become aware of our communication style — whether we actively listen, or simply wait for a break in the conversation until it’s time for us to talk again; whether we present our opinion as Truth or are actually open to other points of view — and how the people around us communicate.

✭ We can become aware of the effect words have — ours on others, others’ on us — and make different choices.

✭ We can consciously review, rip up and rewrite our relationship expectations and rule books.

If you would like a greater understanding of what the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses are doing, including the effect on each sign, purchase my 2-mp3 talk “It’s All In Your Mind: The Potential of the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses of 2010-2013.”

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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