There’s Got To Be a Morning After: Forecast For June 25 – July 1

Big events often give way to a stretch of time to assimilate and acclimate, and that’s what’s happening now. Monumental influences have rocked us for the past month, especially in the last week. Instead of new ones entering the mix (as if anyone could deal with that!*), we get to see more and more of what’s already with us.

Latrelle speaks for so many of us, at 1:10.

Don’t kid yourself: The intensity is not going away. We’re not so much getting a break from it as getting acclimated to it. Stuck places of all kinds (beliefs, situations, relationships) have hit an evolve-or-die point. Nothing’s changing quickly. Even if immediate circumstances lurch into a new form, the ground beneath them is going to continue to shift over the long haul. We have entered an evolutionary process that will play out over years. Sunday’s Uranus/Pluto square was only the first round, pushing the process to the point of no return (If you haven’t read my short article on what that means, take the time now.)

It’s way too early to tell what this first round is really dredging up, much less what we are going to do with or about it. This week has an air of immobility, with much hanging in the air and little opportunity for resolution — an ideal formula for assimilating and acclimating.

More old stuff will be surfacing as Jupiter crosses the South Node of the past and whips up a flurry-to-tornado of archaic though patterns, memories folks and communications. The amusement value could be high; this is the type of influence that could deliver a letter or package that’s been presumed lost. The personal growth value could be high as well. Pay attention to old thinking that flies out of you. You could find yourself making statements that come from a you of long ago, and that you thought had left years ago, too.

Big shifts in those departments build as Friday approaches, when the Sun makes harsh aspects to both of the change agents and compels each of us to get with their program. (Soundtrack: Break on Through to the Other Side by The Doors.) No matter how wild and wooly the outside is becoming, the most important place of evolution is — all together now — inside you.

Besides the Uranus/Pluto square resonating, two planets are stationing direct without moving ahead. One is the ruler of time, Saturn, who is in charge of Pluto, and who ends his five-month review of relationships, agreements, reciprocity and social contracts on Monday. The other is the ruler of relationships, money and worldly values, Venus, who is in charge of Saturn, and who ends her five-week retrograde on Wednesday. Slowly — slowly — all manner of relationship, money and social matters are ripening into new and improved forms, made possible by what we’ve been encountering, rethinking and renegotiating during these retrogrades. The new forms aren’t springing up overnight, though. We can sense them, we can see them, but we have to allow them to show up on a schedule outside our control.

As Venus turns direct and eventually moves forward, stalled situations will start gearing up; ones that vaporized will come back into the picture. A big plus all around, the cosmic warning light will go dark where potential love interests and business deals are concerned. You can resume evaluating offers on the basis of your own instincts or intuition (or, let’s be honest, animal appeal) without an invisible finger wagging at you.

Even before Venus and Saturn move, concepts and talk are going to grow lively and impassioned without resulting in appreciable follow-through — until the weekend, when they fuel the personal, internal conflagration each of us is experiencing in the Uranus/Pluto aftermath. The culprit/facilitator is Mercury, the planet of communication, who abandons the emotional waters of Cancer on Monday for the playful, drama-loving fires of Leo. His shift is putting more pep in our minds, conversations and jaunts around town.

Over the weekend he closes in on Uranus’ force field, and the approach could be like a match moving toward a candle flame and igniting inches before they touch. What’s igniting is your own impulse to break out of confinement. Let your hair down. Let your inner child out. Be outrageous.

For more big-picture information (and strategies), visit my Summer of 2012 Resource page. Bookmark this and come back to it again and again!

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