Forecast for July 2-8, 2012

The cosmic organ is still playing a long, vaguely unsettling chord. Now at least a few passing notes are entering the chord to lighten the mood and suggest movement. We’re nowhere near a point of resolution, but at least the sensation of being frozen in time is loosening up.

The source of the movement — and the cause for relief — is the long-awaited sign change by Mars, the planet of action. He’s been cooling his go-getter tendencies, not always happily, since November, when he entered the detailed-loving turf of Virgo. He usually spends only a handful of weeks in a sign, and being earthbound for eight months has been both frustrating and ultimately useful, providing opportunity after opportunity to clean up, reorganize and prepare.

His take-off into airy Libra will be giddy-making. Now longer will trying to get something done turn into a game of Whack-A-Mole, with a myriad of prerequisites popping up that have to be dealt with before we can move forward. Instead, we’ll think, we’ll talk and — whoosh — we’ll do.

Yes, we are entering implementation mode, and some of that is going to require negotiation, teamwork and not merely owning up to, but also finally acting on, all those relationship decisions we’ve been quietly and not-so-quietly reaching. For the next month or so, Mars is on the trail of Saturn and the relationship lab he’s been overseeing. Saturn has ended his five-month retrograde, but he isn’t moving for another week, which offers a good long look at conditions in the lab.

In the first phase (as in: now), negotiation and implementation have great potential to go smoothly, because Mars has the cooperation of his lady love Venus, ruler of our hearts, bank accounts, self-worth and treasures. This bodes well for talking things out and seeking common ground or resolutions that both sides can live with.

The chatter level is only going to rise, though. Issues involving women, the arts and fundamental values will be coming even more to the fore. Mars in Libra has a streak of an advocate for social justice and equality, and he’s in easy contact with not just Venus, but also boundless, expansive Jupiter, the guy who ups any action he enters. With both Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of mental juggling, chatterboxes and the airwaves, discussions and negotiations will be going on 24/7. Political issues (and arguments, sigh) are unavoidable. So are personal talks and reckonings. Speak your piece, but be sure to listen. A monologue approach to conversations will cut you off from valuable information.

Even with Mars and Venus in air signs, conversations are not going to be entirely intellectual and detached, for two reasons. One is that long, vaguely unsettling chord that won’t go away. It’s the signature of the clash between the two cosmic change agents, Uranus and Pluto, who have locked into a confrontation that’s part of the rich tapestry of our existence for the next few years. It’s the most profound, life-changing aspects of our lifetime, destabilizing underpinnings of our personal and collective way of life.

Many of those underpinnings were already in a precarious state, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unnerving to witness the collapsing occurring, even if expected (or welcomed). Powerful, terrifying forces have emerged from the shadows and are walking about in broad daylight. A lot of people are on edge. Some have slipped over. Keep that in mind if you encounter someone whose words or behavior strike you as an overreaction. Panicked four-year-olds are running loose in adult bodies, desperate for their mommy, their blankie and a world that no longer exists. It may never have existed, to be honest, but they aren’t open to hearing that, so don’t waste your breath.

The other reason for less than rational conversations is the regularly occurring monthly one, a full moon. This month’s is in Capricorn, the sign of tradition, societal structures and material security, and it’s close enough to Pluto to pull his argument with Uranus into the full moon picture. A full moon is always a harvest time, when situations and emotions crest to a culmination. This one directs attention to home, family and security, and particularly how we define each of them. The full moon expands the Uranus/Pluto configuration into a bigger one called a t-square, which funnels enormous and inescapable pressure onto the point in the middle: rebellious, unpredictable Uranus in impulsive, hot-headed Aries. This pressure will unleash sudden breaks for individual freedom, but we don’t have the luxury of existing in a universe of one. Ironically, and ultimately, the pressure will release itself in relationships and social contracts, the very arena where Mars is now at work. I’ll have a longer take on the full moon in my mooncast.

For more big-picture information (and strategies), visit my Summer of 2012 Resource page. Bookmark this and come back to it again and again!

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