Paradox: Forecast for July 15-22, 2012

It’s so cliché but I’m going to say it anyway: Can you believe that the year is half over already? On the other hand, doesn’t it feel as if a lifetime has passed since New Year’s? That’s certainly fitting for our current experience of time. So much is happening, and yet so much is taking for-e-ver.

The for-e-ver bits are the most frequently frustrating, but they are actually a saving grace these days. They prevent us from vanishing into a whirlwind or tumbling into one of the crevasses that are cracking open all around.

So who knows; you may actually count your blessings a time or two during Mercury’s current retrograde. His apparent backward motion will coming to the fore this week and, as usual, slow, confuse and sometimes snarl communication, technology and getting around.

Stay alert to this. Avoid making assumptions; ask questions; do your research. If your phone or Internet service becomes unreliable (there’s precedent), whatever you were trying to do can wait. When you drive into a traffic jam as far as the eye can see — and last week’s buildup to the retrograde birthed some doozies — treat it as a time out.

The slowed or outright snarled moments afford the opportunity to catch up mentally, emotionally and energetically. Resting is by itself a great perk (especially during what appears to be an epidemic of disrupted sleep). Too, when you’re not in the thick of the action thoughts and realizations pop up that have been swirling in the back of your mind.

Besides, it’s hardly going to be a week of stillness, thanks to a do-si-do involving the planets of action, expansion and regeneration. (Trust me; you WILL welcome the quiet.) Relationship and agreement issues will zoom into high gear, as opportunities mushroom — and incentive and impulses skyrocket — to Do Something About Them. Some connections or situations will move forward, some will be amputated or reworked; some will hit a crossroads requiring a permanent choice.

The whirlwind of activity (and talk; there will be lots of talk) spins out from a cooperative link between go-getter Mars and bigger-is-better Jupiter. Once action starts, there’s no telling how far it will go. Some of it will escalate into outright drama, as the warrior god challenges Pluto, lord of the underworld. These two will inflame passions, cravings and tempers alike and amp up pressure to make huge, drastic, even scary changes, within ourselves as well as in the structure of affected arrangements.

When Jupiter cuts in on the dance and joins Pluto in an adjustment aspect, we cross a line of no going back. (Fence-sitters, take note: You may have to take a side at last this week.) The intent behind the choice is as important — possibly more so — than the outer nature of the choice. Are you guided by fear? By your personal truth and power? Whichever it is, Jupiter will be pumping it up. Go for what’s most beneficial for you. He excels at delivering that.

Mars, meanwhile, has a showdown with unpredictable Uranus, who is under the warrior god’s rule. (“Command” is not an appropriate word when that idiosyncratic rebel is involved.) Anger, accidents and umbrage are all likely; treat it as stopping at a scenic overlook and take in the long-distance view. The panorama contains something to your benefit. It could pop when Uranus changes partners over the weekend and winks at Jupiter. A lucky break may well be yours.

A cycle is beginning in the midst of all this, courtesy of Wednesday’s New Moon in Cancer. (Read about it in my forecast, which will be on the site by Tuesday). Don’t be anxious about what may be coming. The week is likely to play out in with a twist that you can’t (and couldn’t) see coming, and that’s probably better than what you could have imagined. Likely there’s a connection to early June, too.

That’s because this weekend Venus returns to the degree of her transit, where she moved across the Sun on June 5. Something that could not fully come out then will resurface now, involving or engaging your heart in some way. One or more of love, money, beauty and the arts are in the mix. It’s riding the tailwinds of the Mars/Jupiter link, so it should be attention-getting…and enjoyable!

Read more in my extended weekly forecast.

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For more big-picture information (and strategies), visit my Summer of 2012 Resource page. Bookmark this and come back to it again and again!

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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