2012 Cancer New Moon

July 18-19, 2012
8:25 PM PDT/ 12:25 AM EDT / 4:25 AM GMT
26 Cancer 55

Do you feel the squeeze? It’s coming from the Cancer New Moon. A new phase is here in emotional expression, nurturing and relating to family, tribe and tradition, and cosmic forces are making sure we head right on into it.

This New Moon has the pressure of a hand on an uncooperative tube of toothpaste — or contractions forcing movement down a birth canal. There’s a sense of purpose and destination, of unavoidability and inevitability, of something being pushed out of one container into a more open one.

This is not bad news. Getting out of stuck places can be a relief. This is not unexpected, either. The parts of your life that are showing the pressure are not a surprise. They have been worked over relentlessly since the summer of 2009. What’s going on now is another round of focusing on the condition of your emotional security and pushing, pushing, pushing you to decide what you truly need and allow yourself to have it.

All manner of security blankets are at play right now — archetypes of Daddy and Mommy, the comfort of food, nostalgia and, most of all, the anchor (or ball and chain) we find in other people. That last category is especially active right now. This New Moon brings another growth spurt in the ongoing evolution of how we treat each other and, just as importantly, what we expect from each other.

The pressure on and from the New Moon is coming out of the relationship lab that we’ve been in for nearly two years, as taskmaster Saturn has traveled through Libra. Saturn can be the ultimate party pooper. He can also be a stern but wise teacher that helps us mature and see the long-term benefit of assuming responsibilities and making commitments.

Right now he is making a confrontational aspect to the New Moon, an aspect that can not be ignored. Relationship issues are not staying under the carpet; they are coming out into the open and demanding action. Do our agreements and arrangements provide emotional support, nurturing and reciprocity? Do they have the potential to deliver what we need in the long-term? Solid ones are firming up. Rickety ones are in for shaking up.

If someone is falling short, keep blame out of this as much as you can. Turn your focus inward. What do you need? Are you getting it? How can you nurture yourself better? Acting on your answer will likely affect the dynamics of the relationship that made you raise the question. It will likely affect the dynamics of lots of relationships, actually. But that’s only a side effect. What’s important is the effect on you.

This New Moon may show you where it’s realistic to look for emotional nurturing and turn your head from situations that can not provide it. Certain connections may become more precious. Others may move more to the sidelines. The bottom line: a hand is against our back shoving us toward situations that are emotionally healthy and nurturing for the long haul.

Inside the relationship arena and out, welling emotions are possible. Tears are possible. Let them up and out; they’re probably overdue. We’ve all been through enormous and intense developments lately. Emotional release is in order now, even for the positive and fun ones.

Endeavor to be kind. Remember that everyone is experiencing heightened sensitivity just now. That goes for you, too. I see chocolate …. lots of chocolate.

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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