Epiphany: Forecast for July 23-29, 2-12

Are you welcoming the slow stretches yet? If yes, this week ought to suit you just fine. If not, well, opportunity is coming to change your tune — and for all of us to change our minds.

Slow stretches are one of the two defining characteristics of this week. The other is a flurry of mental activity, conversations, messages and realizations. (Yes, once again we have a terrific amount of action in the midst of inaction.) They’ll take us by the weekend to a very different stance from what we had at the outset.

Let’s start with the second. It’s the by-product of contacts that Mercury, the planet of communication, is now making. He’s currently retrograde (appears to be moving backward) and taking us back over territory we’ve recently covered. Welcome what you rethink, discover, trip on or get hit upside the head with this week. You may soon wonder if you’ve been sleepwalking lately; that’s the magnitude of what’s in store.

Mercury has an open channel to the genius, light bulbs and alternative-to-disruptive perspectives of Uranus the awakener. While the air is still tingling with whatever that breaks or shakes loose, Mercury hits a high-stakes choice point with Pluto, who holds the ultimate power (which could be lower brain impulses, fears or desires or a higher force that trumps the ego). Thinking is clarified and focused, minds are made up, a direction is chosen and there’s no going back. Instead, Mercury heads straight for the Sun. Whatever the choice, we’re on board with it, quickly and unshakably.

In sum: You catch something you missed before (particular in how it relates to you). You make a choice. And then you wrap your mind and self around that choice and make it part of you.

Little of this happens in a flash (except, of course, the Uranian part). Thanks to the slow stretches, we have the opportunity to think about, look at and chew on all this — which is likely to convert you hold-outs to the viewpoint that slow is good.

The slow stretches are not merely from Mercury’s ongoing retrograde (and attendant epidemic of traffic-snarling accidents, highway, bridge, lane and exit ramp closures and, my favorite, multi-lane standstills without visible reason). The day-eating void of course moons are back, and how. That’s no sci-fi phenomenon, though it sometimes feels as eerie as one; it’s a condition that results from the current nature of the Moon’s activity.

Because there’s no planet at the end of a sign just now, it’s taking the Moon an uncommonly long time to leave each sign once she makes her last major aspect in it. When she’s in this unaspected zone, the atmosphere is floaty and unmotivating. It’s hard to get anything done (just try to get a business call answered; I dare you), and much of what does manage to get done has a way of unraveling or not amounting to much later.

We’ve got three big ones this week: Monday into early evening, Wednesday from late morning (EDT) till late night and — sit down for this one — Thursday from late morning, through all of Friday, until the wee hours Saturday. If you were already planning on a long weekend, you nailed the timing.

Use these to digest whatever Mercury’s travels are kicking up for you. Contemplation is more important than achievement; being is more important than producing. (Exception: I find void moods particularly suited to tasks that you are going to do again anyway, such as cleaning, shopping, laundry, preparing food). Sunday will make up for the stillness all in one day.

Read more in my extended weekly forecast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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