Howlin’ at the Moon: Forecast for Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2012

Humans aren’t merely rational beings. (Or rarely, some would argue). We’re also animals, which makes us subject to a primal, instinctual streak that pushes us into directions our minds can’t always understand. This week, that streak is steering the boat.

A lot of what you experience and witness is going to feel unfamiliar. Some of it may escort you down a strange path that leads you to a magical or cherished development. Some of it will confirm a suspicion, spill a secret or unmask a disguise. Some of it will strike you as outright looney. And a lot of it may not belong to you at all.

Raw, elemental impulses are stirring. They’re not all scary or nasty (some are quite delicious, actually); they’re simply ones that normally lurk below the surface or behind closed doors. And they’re active now — which means we can see what’s really in the water with us, more deeply, more accurately and, yes, more compassionately.

Fuller pictures are developing, of ourselves and of what’s around us. Passions, desires and intensely honest emotions are escaping from the tightly lidded boxes we’ve stuffed them in to make it easier to function in polite society. Monsters are crawling out of closets and out of the shadows under beds. Power-mongers are revealing the profound insecurity and terror that underlies their aggression and grabs for dominance.

Demonize if you want — lord knows the masses are doing that — but outward projections are missing the ultimate message of the week: We are all this weird mix of rational and animalistic and divine that we call human. Every one of us. And we are in the water together. What happens in one part of the pool affects all of it, and all of us, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Hang on to this perspective and you can find tremendous empowerment in this week’s developments, disclosures and epiphanies. Choppiness and discomfort are in the mix, but so are treasures, moments of awe and and the opportunity (or two) to say, “Just as I thought!!!”

We are all sponges that soak up each other’s … let’s call it stuff. When the sponges get oversaturated, as they will by this weekend, they could benefit from a good squeezing out. The key for that? No, not necessarily tears, though that’s going to do to the trick for some people. The mind holds the key: healthy mental boundaries.

X-ray vision is at our disposal from Mars, the ruler of our drive, exploring the murky waters of Scorpio, as an advance guard for Saturn’s arrival there in October. We’ve been rethinking, renegotiating, restructuring and, in some cases, ending relationships, and now we’re exploring what it would be like to commit to the ones that remain.

Starting this week, Scorpio is also the new home of the North Node of the Moon, which represents the collective experience. For the next 18 months or so, we will as a group be exploring the penetrating, potent energies of Scorpio — from big money, sex, taxes, mortality and primal terrors to fearless honesty, death-defying bravery and all-consuming immersion in experiences that take us to new levels of consciousness and union. All are themes of the Scorpio end of the coming eclipse cycle, which launches with November’s New Moon.

That’s then, though; this is now. And for now, the big event is Friday’s Full Moon in Pisces, embodiment of the pool that we are sharing. You may wonder if the Moon is full far in advance of Friday, actually; that’s how all-encompassing and far-reaching this one is.

Illusionist Neptune is not only the host of this party, but is also standing by the Moon. His presence enhances the not-of-this-world quality she’s currently giving off, escalating the magical, romantic, sweet or divine in everything that crests now. (Also the deceit and intrigue; be advised.)

Paradoxically, this Moon is also very much of this world. Her closest companion is Chiron, representative of our abiding wound and the challenge of overcoming it to settle fully into mortal, physical existence. We’re getting a status report on how well we’re mastering that. Do we define ourselves by the wound? Use it as an excuse? Have we embraced it as a part of the self and enlisted it as an ally?

Enmeshment and blurred boundaries play a role, too. The solution for that comes as the Sun and Moon are relaxing their showdown, when Mercury enters Virgo. Discernment, discretion and healthy fences are in the air once he’s in his late-summer home. He’s got the wherewithal to deal with anything the tide washes in. (More in my mooncast, which will be posted on the site by Thursday.)

Sound bleak? It doesn’t have to be. Look for the magic. It will abound. And thank the wisps and ghosts and annoying little demons that reveal themselves. You’ll navigate the world better knowing they’re there — and watching some vanish.

General note for the week: The predawn hours are hopping almost every night. Keeping writing materials by your bed the whole week is your best bet for capturing the nuggets surfacing in your sleep.

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