Cowabunga! Riding the 2012 Pisces Full Moon

August 31, 2012
6:59 AM PDT/ 9:59 AM EDT / 1:59 PM GMT
8 Pisces 33 / 8 Virgo 33

Imagine the total spectrum of human existence playing out in one concentrated event. That’s effectively what’s happening this week. An extreme Moon is upon us: Overwhelming, uplifting, crazy-making, heart-opening, purifying, romantic, disorienting, enlightening, umasking, unnerving, therapeutic, escapist, magical — in bits, in spurts, and sometimes all at once.

Friday’s Full Moon is the second in the month, a not-so-common occurrence called a blue moon. That’s not what makes this one so special, though. This one takes the culminating and heightened emotional quality of a Full Moon and throws the astrological kitchen sink into the boundary-less, all-encompassing waters of Pisces.

Whatever you’re feeling — and that could be fluctuating wildly right now — you’re feeling fully. Maybe like it’s pouring out of you; maybe life it’s washing over you. And all of it has a connection, probably not hard to make, to the physical circumstances of your life on this planet. And probably to multiple points on the time/space continuum as well…not to mention people.

See? It’s everything and everybody rolled up in one.

Every major body in the sky is affecting the Sun and the Moon. Some of the influences are exact and direct, others less major, but all are stirring the water.

The past is in your face (particularly in the department of ancient wounds, wrongs and discomfort with yourself). Old parts of yourself are present. Yet your sense of self is also very much in the current moment, changed as you have been by the inner and outer upheaval of recent months and tingling from all the energetic surgery and strength training you’ve been undergoing.

If you aren’t comfortable with what’s surfacing now, reframe it. This is a huge platform for getting over the past, yourself and a lifetime of pain. Yes, some of that might surge now. Bodies and physical ramifications are inescapable, with Chiron on top of the Moon. (Magic and illusion master Neptune is right behind, though, which could soften the impact, show the higher meaning, unmask trickery or, sigh, invite some people to administer alcohol or drug therapy) (And in that vein, watch for news about the condition of our waters, injuries to water and marine life, oil, water pollution from oil, hurricane damage to coastal areas, particularly extreme health care/insurance stories, injuries to or sacrifice of underdogs and, of course, propaganda/spin/leaks/lying about any of these.)

But back to the personal role of this Full Moon. As unhinged from earthly reality as Pisces can be, this Full Moon is definitely playing out on terra firma. Experiencing physicality is why we’re here. We’re not merely brains in boxes, and definitely not now, with all the howling that’s breaking out. So treat the high waters of physical and emotional discomfort as demonstrating what could use attention, here and now.

This Full Moon is a platform for forgiving yourself and that parade of people that marches around with you in your head. For viewing everyone with compassion and gratitude. (Inspirational image: the weird but appropriate ending of the 1980s film “Places in the Heart,” with every character, living, dead, killer, victim, sitting together in church.) For letting everyone be human, including, and most of all, you. Let non-rational impulses out now. (That’s certainly what everyone else is doing, isn’t it?) They are every bit a part of your nature as are your mind, your will and your heart. Somewhere in you, wildness is stirring. Your equivalent of howling wants to fly out; vent it.

This Full Moon is also a platform for healing from and finding peace in the turmoil and changes that have been ripping through your life, psyche and environment of late. The responsible parties themselves, Uranus and Pluto, are in direct play in this Full Moon. Pluto, agent of unavoidable change, is in easy flow to the Sun, encouraging a newly focused, streamlined and empowered sense of self. Uranus, agent of radical and unforeseeable change, supports that process while assisting in the birthing of a new stage of emotional relating and expression — and perhaps yanking you out of some emotional attachments to boot.

The easy flow that Pluto has to the Sun? Mars has the same connection to the Moon. Something’s stirring, roiling, moving forward deep in your psyche, deep in other people’s, deep in universal waters, and it’s setting things in motion outside the purview and control of your mind. You’ll see it soon enough — sanity comes quickly, when communication god Mercury moves into hyper-rational Virgo late Friday — but until then, you might as well ride the waves.

FYou can’t contain them. They’re only going to grow, even into a tsunami, since the Sun and the Moon are pushing Jupiter’s buttons but good and escalating his bent for expanding and expanding every game he joins.

Fighting the waves isn’t a workable option. That could pull you momentarily under, actually. Nor can you take refuge in your heart; Venus, ruler of all that we hold dear, is sending nervous vibes to the Sun and the Moon. (Some of those could palpitations of excitement.)

Mercury is wheedling the Sun into embracing self-confidence, knowledge and acceptance, while pushing the Moon to make boundary choices. Not everything you’re feeling belongs to you. You have the right to stop carrying and walk away from someone else’s craziness. Which contains, paradoxically, a comforting truth: You are not alone.

Falling back on what you’ve always done isn’t working now, either. Even Saturn, the ultimate proponent of the status quo, is sending jitters into the Full Moon that dissuades you from that.

You can’t escape these waters. Ride them. Howl and scream and flail and laugh and dance, but ride them. Let the waters wash pain and ancient sorrows and loneliness away. Be open to the magic that is washing in: emotional treasures, love, acceptance, dreams come true. And the non-rational knowing that we are all in these waters together.

So play nice. And remember: Out of chaos and confusion comes clarity, perhaps sooner than you suspect.

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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