People Get Ready: Forecast for September 3-9, 2012

This should be the point in the year when my column starts off with the obligatory back-to-school references. Not this time.

The movie has reached the scene just before the big fight. The antagonists have signaled that they are about to go after each other, and everything that happens next is heading toward inevitable confrontation.

They might be in a boxing ring, or a bar, or a square, or a dark urban alley, or on a sidewalk, or in the quickly emptying main street of a Western town. The opponents have each other’s eye as they remove their jackets, check their weapons (and/or flex their muscles) and start circling into position. Supporters on each side are helping with preparations and talking smack, while the fainthearted and others who don’t care to be pulled into what’s about to go down scurry away, run for cover or find a safe place for watching at a distance.

The showdown isn’t till the 19th, but it dominates the time before then. Which includes, of course, this week.

What’s occupying us is largely the buildup from Uranus and Pluto, the agents of unpredictable and unavoidable change, moving into the second of the seven clashes they will have between this year and 2015. They are ripping open (or down) structures and infrastructures, springing prison locks, imploding previously solid ground (real and metaphoric) and unleashing no end of beasties from psyches and closets, as if someone opened Pandora’s box, or ripped the fabric of time to allow leakage from, oh, five decades ago.

The areas of life in play aren’t news; they’re the ones that hit a monumental pivot point around June 24 (and have been worked over since the summer of 2009). The tension is worse before the actual impact; pressure is escalating this week and will mount even more in the next.

This week, surprisingly, has an actual softness to it, or at least the potential for it. Let’s-get-physical Chiron has a cooperative link to Pluto and his legion of psycho-demons, which offers resolution, balm and possibly even peace of/for/in the radical, relentless upheavals affecting you. It’s the equivalent of a flashlight shining under the bed and showing that the monsters you feared are only dust bunnies. Or grokking how everything in your life led to this moment, and you would not be you without the pain and wounds that have shaped you — then shifting focus from the pain and wounds to the strengths and power you have developed from them.

Fearless and resolve are on tap in this process, because go-getter Mars is enjoying the same level of cooperation with Pluto. This offers incentive to dive deep and pull ickies and treasures to the surface. With Mars and Chiron in cahoots, perceptions have a laser-focus, an X-ray quality and an eerie accuracy and timing. Secrets aren’t going to survive this pair. Actions will be guided by a powerful knowing (even if you aren’t aware that’s what’s going on.)

All of this is preparation for the big event. You are definitely preparing the fight arena, and preparing yourself, for the impact that’s coming. Consider the possibility, while you help set up the tableau, that you may be playing the role of one of the contenders moving into the place, for someone in your life.

As the scenery moves about, Venus leaves Cancer on Thursday for the fire and sparkle of Leo. So what if a fight is brewing; we want to have FUN! And dress well for the part, too. Venus loves the attention, finery and glamour of Leo, and her look-at-me tendencies in this sign are getting an immediate assist from Jupiter. If she faces a choice between two tiaras, he’s going to tell her to purchase both. Or to charm someone into giving them to her.

So strut, flaunt, parade, change your outfit every couple of hours to suit the occasion and your ever-changing mood. Allow passion and drama and — what’s that? — a temper to shoot out of you. You are human. You are alive. And you are entitled to enjoy being on this planet, even if the ground is rumbling and an epidemic of nervous breakdowns is all around. You don’t have to fall into a crack, or buy into the paranoia. And if you should trip, do it in style. Stunning shoes and a long-stemmed cigarette holder (even if empty) may help.

You thinking I’m kidding?

General note for the week: Once again, the predawn hours are hopping almost every night. Keeping writing materials by your bed the whole week is your best bet for capturing the nuggets surfacing in your sleep.

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