Something’s About to Give: Forecast for September 10-19, 2012

Another round of radical, fundamental change is on its way. This week, we’re actively working with it. Embracing it, even.

The week begins and ends with aspects by the Moon to Uranus and Pluto, the two bodies gearing up for a fight, and whose protracted combat is shaking and reshaping landscapes inside and out. The combatants are still moving into place for their September 19 appointment (see <a href="“>last week’s forecast). We’re not at their mercy by any means, as the aspects bookending the week will demonstrate. In fact, lots of people are nor merely figuring out the personal ramifications of this clash, but reaping substantial benefits from it.

The benefits are coming in dazzling forms, better than a mortal mind could have imagined. Circumstances are falling into place that could not have been consciously engineered and that profoundly enhance the quality of existence, now and into the future.

My most dramatic example is the most recent. It happened for a friend who’s had a couple of bizarre and dispiriting years looking for permanent work, with jobs he’d accepted evaporating as if an unseen protector had pushed him away. Last week an interview popped up for a position with job duties so unique and specialized that Someone Up There could have cribbed them from his resume. The job was his within hours. My friend reports the other side shared his amazement at finding each other.

This is playing out all over the spectrum of life, involving everything from landing a dream car with financial ease, to unlocking and unraveling years, maybe lifetimes, of crippling emotional patterns, to relationships developing that are beyond what you ever dared dream possible, to receiving and accepting (that’s a key component) angelic levels of money, practical assistance and loving care during illness.

A common thread is being tenaciously, uncompromisingly, unyieldingly true to yourself, and the outer world rearranging to match and support that. Yes, the rearranging has taken a while, but it is happening now.

Turmoil does remain widespread, of course. An air of inevitability and inescapability is cloaking everything, welcome and not so welcome. With Saturn in the final weeks of the relationship lab he’s been running for two years, inescapable deadlines are looming and pressuring folks into addressing all manner of issues, clean-up work and loose ends before the bell rings at the beginning of October.

Raise your hand if an outside force recently delivered the incentive for you to deal with a matter you’ve been putting off, and you dealt with it. As for the rest of you — you have been hit with incentive, right? It isn’t going anywhere (except maybe more into your face).

But you know this. If you’ve recently dealt with a lingering issue, you’ve already experienced well-being blossoming in the space you’ve cleared or rearranged. If you’re in the camp that’s still dallying, you know, in your heart of hearts, that the situation can not go on much longer.

But you also know that the situation you’re dodging is on the brink of changing, along with so many other aspects of our lives. The problem is, no one knows with certainty exactly what is around the bend (or, to keep my previous imagery going, what will happen with the fighters finally go at each other.)

It can be unnerving to sense something coming and be unable to either speed it along or step out of the way. Even the magically positive developments coming into view can be unnerving. On the one hand, we don’t dare believe that they’re real (oh, but they are); on the other, because they will upend our comfortable way of life and lob it into distant memory.

Reframe: You can control where you place your feet, who you spend your time with and how you respond emotionally and energetically, no matter how chaotic and powerful the universal forces may be just now. You control what goes on inside of you. And you may control, or at least steer, a lot more.

This week, look for signs of how the current processes benefit you. They do, somehow, even if you are in physical agony, even if you are reeling from a relationship break-up, even if you are not sure where the money’s coming from to pay the bills. And likely none of these scenarios fit you. For many many people, life is going extraordinarily well, better than ever before in their lives, magically even.

Find your solid ground. (Hint: it’s not on the outside.) Stand fast and use that as your platform for all the instability and uncertainty and giddy possibilities (or are they probabilities?) and situations that are changing, irrevocably, before your eyes. You’ll likely know what to do, and when you don’t, higher guidance will Pursue some changes of your own, too. You know you’ve got projects and agendas and new perspectives in the works. (This is, by the way, a fertile time for therapy.)

And purge, too. Going through your belongings and getting rid of ones you don’t use vents some of Pluto’s transformational energy. The tactic is a great tonic when he’s active; harness it now to lighten your load.

While you’re at it, stake your claim to enjoying your time on this planet, too. Venus is happily in Leo now, where she loves to shine and strut and indulge in attention and the finer things in life. Splurge a little; it’s good for your soul. Let your heart fires burn madly, too. Share them, and warm yourself on the fires burning around you. The next match between Uranus and Pluto doesn’t have to be scary. It can actually be fun. All together now: it will actually be fun.

Saturday’s Virgo New Moon delivers clarity of mind, We do get an assist as the Uranus/Pluto square is crescendoing to a fevered pitch: Saturday’s Virgo New Moon and the clarity of mind it delivers. Spock-like objectivity is on tap with the Moon conjunct her ruler Mercury (just as the Pisces Full Moon was conjunct her ruler Neptune). Because of the helpful link Mercury is making to the North Node of destiny, we’ll also get an unemotional glimpse of where all these developments are heading. Gather information. Read more in my mooncast, which will be posted by Friday.

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