Falling! Forecast for October 1-7, 2012

How are you doing? Last week was an exciting, exhilarating, illuminating, jolting and sometimes terrifying ride. Tremors and shifts are abating but not going away. They’re pushing us, as the month ends, into a personal metamorphosis as profound as the outer ones that have been erupting all around.

Two major influences are overlapping and spawning this week’s atmosphere of relentless processing and adapting. Change agents Uranus and Pluto remain locked in combat (review last week’s forecast for what that’s about), while order-loving Saturn is in the last full week of his tour of duty in relationship-oriented Libra.

These two themes keep the predawn hours hopping all week long. Events, twists, changes and realizations have been coming at you at supersonic speed and continue to make their presence known in your sleep. Downtime isn’t so much rest as it is processing, while you update your internal operating system to match current conditions.

Remember that you can work with this. Ask for a dream to help you understand a situation, or to answer a question, or to show another way of looking at your matter of concern (an especially potent request, by the way). Add two requirements to your request: that you remember it, and that it use imagery that you understand. Look for hints, if not the answer itself, in your early thoughts the next morning, then note what else bubbles up in the next day or two.

Uranus and Pluto are serving as touchstones for our hearts, emotions and psyches, which are coming at the change agents from a variety of vantage points — sometimes comfortably, sometimes not. Increasingly, though, we are growing accustomed to the rifts, epiphanies, endings and new structures that are reshaping our worlds. We are also beginning to get the hang of the new order of life, a phrase that you will encounter again and again in the daily forecasts below.

You can help this along by literally letting go of the past: clearing out drawers, shelves, closets and files. With Uranus and Pluto still in harsh and direct contact, it’s appropriate to take an uncharacteristically ruthless approach. Don’t just purge items that no longer work or fit. Ditch ones that you would not have purchased at this point in your life — especially clothes (even if they’re in good shape), because what you wear is such a visible reflection of you. Get rid of objects that trigger unpleasant memories or associations. They might be just the ticket for a friend, or a neighbor (check out Freecycle), or a charity.

Some of that clearing out will touch on interpersonal connections. No matter where the explosions, eruptions and breakthroughs have been happening for your, this week highlights their impact on your relationships and agreements. Saturn is finishing up the relationship lab that he has been running since July 2010. It’s closing down in early October, not to return for 29 years.

The deadline’s approach is creating an air of urgency to tie up loose ends, put existing associations on renegotiated footing — or to rest — and handle all the related paperwork and legalities. Simultaneously, new matters and connections are ramping up, which will move into fuller form once Saturn slides into Scorpio next month.

Both ends of the spectrum are occupying our thoughts and conversations. Developments will go beyond the level of intellect, though; things are going to finally start happening. Venus and Mars, the archetypal female and male, rulers of our heart and our drive, see a lot of action this week, including a clinch of their own. Their square-off predawn Thursday has the power to stoke frustrated desires past the point of tolerance. The contact is motivating — pushing folks off fences and into action, blasting situations out of stuck places and sending of sparks like the verbal sparring that passed for foreplay in 1930s screwball comedies. If none of this plays out for you as the aspect is building Wednesday, check what (and who) is on your mind Thursday morning.

The change imperative swells again to a fevered pitch by Saturday, when the Aries Full Moon locks into Uranus and Pluto’s link. The line-up creates a dynamic configuration of a t-square, with Pluto in Capricorn bearing the brunt of the pressure. Resistance is futile; evolution is occurring, like it or not.

Odds are, you will. The Moon is right on top of Uranus, the unpredictable, uncontrollable radical (and genius) of the skies. Inner adolescents will be out in force, testing limits and demanding to be given the car keys. The call of the wild will be irresistible; so will the call of the new. Time to put down your pencils and turn in your assignments. Relationship lab is ending. Next up: special projects. And this Full Moon has you leaping from the first to the second. With gusto. More in my mooncast, which will be on the site by Friday.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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