Blinded By the Light: Forecast for Oct. 8-14, 2012

Form meets formlessness this week. Theoretically that’s a paradox, but we’re about to see how those seeming incompatibles can and will converge. Each of us is due for contact with a consciousness greater than the parameters of a mortal mind, and the impact will permeate life here on the ground.

A new phase of life is clearly here. With Saturn now in the sign of Scorpio, we’re embarking on a several-year journey into the depths of our beings and connections with each other. As we explore the myriad ways we invest with and in others (time, money, emotion, energy), the road will pass through dark, scary, profound and steamy territory. That’s later. For now, the path is heading into mystery…and maybe even magic.

This is where form meeting formlessness comes in. This week, and effectively for the month, structure-loving Saturn is in direct and easy communication with mystical, otherworldly, anything but physical Neptune. Saturn likes rules, order and all things tangible; Neptune is in the clouds (or generating them), if not far off in the cosmos, where divine guidance, spiritual love, artistry, illusion, escapism, deceit, delusion and insanity coexist in one unbroken continuum. This week, they’re collaborating.

Aim for the higher end of that spectrum. It will certainly be pouring down onto terra firma. The trine, which is exact on the 10th, is a conduit for compassion, grace and telepathy flooding our closest connections. We could spy God in a beloved’s eyes, or in a brilliant sky; this link is an opening for insight and epiphanies to rush in that elevate physical existence to a holy experience. The artistic productivity that comes from this will be mind-boggling.

Resolving old business will also be in the air. We were on the brink of this aspect earlier this year. This link started to come together after the holidays but did not quite lock into place. As that happens does now, developments that did not quite take shape in January will firm up.

There is a possible downside, of course. With the enforcer of the status quo in cahoots with the cosmic fog machine, there’s no telling how far the the power structure will go to harness spin and puffery and outright lies. They will not be harmless puffs of smoke, unfortunately, but incantations, if you will, with real ramifications and real consequences.

Back to you: Invoke the magic. Set aside time for contemplation, meditation, cloud- and star-gazing, reverie and generally lolling about. Thursday and Saturday are optimal for this, because the Moon will be void of course for the entirety of both days and forward pushes aren’t going to amount to anything, anyway. (More about what that means here).

Ask to be led to courses of action that are most beneficial to you. Ask for the higher perspective on situations in your life. Pay attention to your dreams; ask for answers to come in them, too. (Be sure to specify that (a) they use imagery you understand and (b) you remember them.) Ask to approach others with compassion and forgiveness.

Include yourself in that request. Mars is approaching an action-demanding encounter with Chiron, the wounded healer that challenges us to master the physicality of existence. That contact will be exact on Monday, but we’re feeling it all week. You’re here; you’re human; get over it; okay?

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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