Get On Board: Forecast for October 15-20, 2012

Implementation is the theme of the week. The imperative to change is pushing situations and people into motion, at the same time that a new phase is launching in how we treat each other.

New details or wrinkles might introduce themselves into situations, but much of what unfolds now has already been taking shape to some extent. We’re picking up puzzle pieces that are already on the table and moving them around, instead of going to the shelf and taking down a box with an entirely different picture — or a different type of activity box altogether.

Although who knows? There’s enough of a Uranian element this week that anything’s possible. Somebody could upend the table and precipitate a flurry of trying new combinations for all those puzzle pieces.

Mars, the planet that rules our action, is teaming with unpredictable Uranus (one of the two hosts, as you’ll recall, of the ongoing cavalcade of change we’re living for the next few years). They’re firing up motivation to get moving on the shifts and cracks and outright changes that have been erupting inside and out.

Progression won’t be neat and tidy, though. This interaction is volatile to the max. Unpremeditated action will be epidemic. A lot of wild hares are going to be running loose. People will be leaping into spur-of-the-moment adventures, both philosophical and physical.

Even when you do end up taking an action you’ve contemplated, the timing, and probably the manner, will fly out of you. If you thought about it too much right now, you might screw it up. Or chicken out. Raw, fierce action will do what you want, without your mind interfering.

You’re unlikely to worry about this. We’re all getting used to expressing our personal truth and wielding our personal power. Both are moving noticeably into a new level of comfort now. That comes from the conversation Mars is having now with the other change cavalcade host, Pluto.

Like Mars, Pluto rules our actions, too, but from a different perspective. Two actually. One is deeper and less conscious — the cravings and compulsions and programming that lurk in the basement of our psyches and deep with our very cells. The other is far greater than our mortal will can engineer or control — a universal force that trumps all human tinkering; fate, if you will. Our mortal will, our mortal actions are now aligning with those two higher perspective. All are working in coordination, in a way they haven’t previously.

See if you aren’t impulsively, boldly, daringly chipping out of patterns and situations this week, almost as if your very life depends on it. In a sense, it does. Your very thriving does.

Amid this activity comes Monday’s Libra New Moon, which simultaneously puts a bow on the relationship lab of the past two and a half years and also launches the intensive in intimacy and sharing that will dominate the next three. Both courses are courtesy of that old teacher Saturn, enforcer of rules, responsibilities and commitments, who has just left the relationship and reciprocity playground of Libra for the frisson of shared resources and ego-dissolving union in the waters of Scorpio.

Notice your interactions. Notice the difference in the air — and the difference in you. Communication’s favored now, thanks to cooperation between Venus and the cosmic messenger Mercury. Doorways are open. You’ve just got to leap through them. More in my mooncast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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