Libra New Moon of October 15, 2012

This month’s Libra New Moon is the first new moon of the fall season, and the first in the new mode of relating we’ll be in for the next three years.

Relationship dynamics and rule books are integral to the sign of Libra, in terms of both our actual outer dealings and our inner wiring for them. We’ve been exploring all of them — and taking all of them far more seriously — for the past two-plus years, as taskmaster Saturn traveled through Libra. Relationships have come, gone, sunk down roots, collapsed and re-formed. They’ve pushed us into awareness of give-and-take, reciprocity and fundamental fairness. They’ve prompted us to rethink and renegotiate what we want, what we are willing to give, what we are willing to accept and, just as importantly, what we are not.

Now Saturn has left Libra and moved his lessons in responsibility and commitment to the intense, untamed waters of Scorpio, where we will explore sharing, trust and intimacy — and all the sublingual appetites and terrors they stir. This New Moon comes on the heels of that shift, and it officially launches the new relationship paradigm we have been approaching.

We’ll be more keenly aware of what we’re putting in — and, more importantly, what we’re getting out of — every agreement, arrangement, connection and relationship. No more automatically putting the other person first, or putting ourselves at a disadvantage, or taking action unbidden on the assumption that’s what the other person wants or needs.

Some of you have already been experiencing this. The impulse is becoming greater, more natural and more widespread now.

The Moon’s ruler, Venus, is on board with this reckoning. She is facilitating cooperation and deep, meaningful, truthful communication, via an opportunity aspect to Mercury in Scorpio that’s about as tight as it can be. This is priming us to open up and connect in ways and at depths we may not have dared before.

Her consort Mars, ruler of our drive and representative of the masculine end of the relationship axis, is part of this equation, too. He and Venus are not in close contact, but he is pushing through change on her behalf. He is an easy flow to awakening, liberating Uranus in Aries, a combo that is lighting a fire in everyone and everything. Not only are both action planets, in fire signs, but Uranus is in Mars’ sign (i.e. under his command, as if anything could “command” Uranus), and their link is tight to the max. All of which means this double team is igniting excitement, enthusiasm and openness to impulse, radical, sudden change.

All these aspects are setting the tone for Saturn’s entire journey through Scorpio over the next three years. A new relationship paradigm. Deep, soul-baring communication. Lust for radical change. Remaining independent and true to ourselves as we sink ourselves more deeply than ever into union. (How’s that for a paradox?) Let the games begin!

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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