Not In Kansas Anymore: Forecast for Nov. 5-11, 2012

We are in a new reality. Last week demonstrated that dramatically, as a storm shut down the financial and transportation hubs of the nation — perhaps the globe — and reminded man that he does not rule everything on this planet. The signal was a wake-up call to the previously unaware or avoiding: outdated structures will not support, and will likely not withstand, the circumstances in which we now live.

Even if you weren’t in the storm’s path, you were touched by it — by concern for friends and family, by relentless exposure to news on TV and social media, even by shortages in your geographic area. How did last week give you a time out? What did you do with it?

We’ll be digging ourselves out all week and beyond. In the midst of the communication, power and transportation disruptions, Mercury retrogrades late Tuesday, Election Day. This occurrence has an upside and a downside.

On the upside, we have the opportunity to rethink and re-envision our communication and transportation systems — and revisit our beliefs about climate and weather. Shifts in government policies have their genesis now. Epiphanies about your own life are coming now, too. As Mercury eases toward an action-demanding square with Neptune (exact next week), call down guidance and inspiration (and not confusion or avoidance).

As for the downsides…Your normal mode of getting around is likely to be disrupted. Watch for continuing traffic snarls, road closures and divertings and ongoing gas shortages. (It’s like a war zone, people have been saying around me in northern New Jersey. I agree: a war of natural forces against human shortsightedness.) You may not be able to communicate at a distance as easily, by phone or email or online.

And what about Election Day? Enormous question marks surround it that may not dispel for weeks. Will people have transportation to the polls? Will polls have power? Will the machines work? Since they have no paper trail, will they be hijacked? And, a question I’m seeing few address: is the election a charade? Who and what really install the government? The peculiarities of the Electoral College mean that many individual votes don’t matter, depending on the state in which they’re cast. Will this be the election that demonstrates that our system is outdated and nonfunctional in the new reality as the power lines and subways in lower Manhattan?

If you look at the election in terms of the bigger evolutionary push, the specific, immediate results may be easier to swallow.

In your own life, use this retrograde to revisit your thoughts, beliefs and modes of communication and transportation. Are there recent conversations you’d like to return to and expand on? New connections you’d benefit from researching? Are you paying lip service to opinions and points of view that don’t hold up? Research may be in order. The retrograde is a fertile time to define your terms (words do change meaning, you know), to expand your thinking and knowledge, to acquire revised and updated information.

As Mercury turns retrograde, Neptune and Chiron go direct this week. The tides are shifting. Leave the task of reading the currents to your inner guidance. Its navigational system is the most reliable now, when physical instruments are faltering, or the mind is misreading them. Your link to your inner knowing (and greater spirit) is what best guides you through physical reality.

An enormous healing of the human spirit is possible from this — healing of the wound of separation. It is, after all, truly an illusion. As last week reminded, we are all in this life together. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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