How Deep Is Your Love? Forecast for Nov. 12-18, 2012

We are in the thick of it now — thought exactly what “it” is will take a while to become clear. One thing’s for certain: A new reality has arrived. This has been true for many of us for some time. Last week drove the point home for the many, many others it had previously escaped. And now, we stew in the juices, each in our own way.

This week has a fiercely Scorpionic atmosphere: riveting, clarifying, eliminating, purifying, engulfing, possibly terrifying at times, primal, powerful, compelling and compelled. This can be extraordinarily positive and empowering. Please do not lose sight of that. It carries the potential for feeling more alive than usual, more awake, more focused, more perceptive and more emotionally connected and connecting.

It will be organic to gravitate to meaningful, life-enhancing and game-changing experiences and connections, instead of frittering time and energy on matters that do not engage or matter to you. It will be natural to read the currents and know instinctively which direction to head, action to take, weight to drop. Efficient. Precise. Surgical. Unapologetic. Honest.

Seize these opportunities. Be bold, especially if you normally aren’t, and if you normally are, go even bolder. What’s developing now (and for the past few weeks) is catapulting you into a course that will unroll over the next six months, the next two years and, ultimately, the next 19 years. Major is an understatement.

Too bad these pluses will be lost on some people. People who are in shock — whom reality has dropped (or drop-kicked) into circumstances that are challenging or unwelcome or the polar opposite of what they were sure was going to happen — will be susceptible to the underbelly of Scorpio. So will some of us who generally set our sights on the positive, unfortunately.

Know at the outset that fear is on the prowl, formless, reptilian, worst-case-scenario, doomsaying fear. You don’t have to let it in. It is not your master. Stay alert and do not hand it the reins. You do not have to tumble into dank, murky, soul-suffocating depths. You do not have to bully or pummel anyone, or entangle yourself in fevered pitch dramas and aggression. Hang tight to what is true for you. Exercise your will and your power with integrity and focus — and extend compassion to the people you see succumbing to darkness. Model a different response, for your own purposes. It could have the side-effect of lighting the way for others to make to a different choice.

Two events in Scorpio are behind all this. This week brings the first of the next cycle of eclipses, on the Taurus/Scorpio axis of resources, money and possessions (mine vs. yours/ours), which will be with us until the fall of 2014. The cycle begins with Tuesday’s Scorpio New Moon, a solar eclipse that is activating themes and issues from November of 1993.

The past few weeks have already hinted at what’s coming back up for you. Foremost are issues of sharing, trust and intimacy; of what and how much time/energy/money/emotion you invest with others; of the return you expect and the return you actually receive. Death, taxes and sex may be up for you, too, as well as insurance, stock, pensions, other people’s money and every unmentionable that you, we and polite society shove into the back of a closet or deep in our psyches.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a major purge, or loss, or deepening of a situation related to one or more of these. Perhaps you’ve simply grown clearer about something of core importance to you. I’ve been watching friends and clients confront, come to grips with and transmute huge, longstanding bugaboos. Monsters and demons are coming to live (and light). Steel is reinforcing backbones. Non-negotiables are moving from wish list to fervently guarded reality. It’s a powerful, powerful time, with life-changing and enhancing blessings for those who will open to and embrace them. Some will take a while to come into view, because a New Moon must wax a bit before we are capable of seeing it in the sky. Patience. Trust. Sigh. (For more on the New Moon, read my mooncast, which will be posted on the site by Tuesday.)

The second cause of the week’s Scorpio emphasis is Mercury moving back into that sign on Wednesday. This shift deepens communication (talk won’t be trivial — or cheap!) as well as the severity — and cost — of transportation and technology issues. Some topics and matters may resurface from the last weeks of October (don’t they feel like months ago?), when Mercury last crossed this territory.

As the Moon grows and the solar eclipse distributes its light, it will encourage intense, searching, honest and perhaps brutally blunt conversations with yourself and with other people. You may open up in ways that surprise you. Others may do the same. Connections could become fearlessly deep and real. Take chances. If they’re ever going to pay off, it’s now.

One other shift worth your notice: Mars moves into Capricorn on Friday. He’s the ruler of our masculine, assertive side, our drive, ambition, and energy, all of which are downshifting from high-energy and adventurousness to dogged, step-by-step pursuit of goals. Theory and philosophical argument give way to practicality and functionality, with a healthy dose of stick-to-it-iveness. Mars will be making his way toward Pluto and triggering action that implements and furthers the evolutionary mandate we’re under — action with long-term consequences. We’ll feel the approach as soon as he makes the shift, and begin both undertaking and encountering implementing action.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Please give it five stars on iTunes! You can also get my podcast as an app for Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon and as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod! Apple product info under this week’s podcast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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