Dark Side of the Moon: 2012 Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

November 13, 2012
2:09 PM PST / 5:09 PM EST / 10:09 PM GMT
21 Scorpio 57

Has life seemed, oh, I don’t know, a little intense lately? And maybe like that’s cranking up? Thank this week’s Scorpio New Moon and, yes, thank is the appropriate verb.

We’ve been feeling the approach of this powerful New Moon for several weeks. Any Scorpio Moon is going to have an edge of danger, intrigue, darkness and dirty sexy power. This one is even more so, for an extravaganza of reasons.

It is a total solar eclipse, visible only in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. This one has the added whammy of the Sun and Moon meeting on the ecliptic as well as by zodiacal degree, meaning the luminaries are as close as they can be. The eclipse also has a special resonance with the relentless change imperative we’ve been under since the beginning of summer — a resonance that is turning up the volume to 11.

One of the forces behind that imperative, Pluto, is in the sign that’s ruled by Saturn, which is in the sign that’s ruled by Pluto. Each is occupying the other’s domain, a relationship called mutual reception, which means that whatever is occurring in one domain carries over into the other. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing and renovating our most fundamental structures and institutions. Saturn in Scorpio is making relationship and joint resource issues soberingly real, while also slowing their playing out and requiring mature, responsible behavior.

These two processes are intrinsically and intricately connected now, activating ancient, reptilian, cellular programming, impulses and terrors, heightening awareness of consequences, ramifications and costs, and — here’s the bright side — making it possible to move through all of the above, quickly, efficiently, effectively, permanently, and experience life and union with each other more deeply than we have previously dared.

This is heavy stuff, often unpleasant and often unnerving to terrifying. That’s certainly been the experience I’ve been hearing from a lot of people, including some who voluntarily and regularly expose themselves to aspects of human nature that would freak out most of us. There’s another end to this spectrum, though. It’s also awakening, energizing and revitalizing. That’s what I’ve been hearing more about, to be honest.

I had a peak experience of this barely 48 hours before the eclipse. Along with its occurrence came the realization that it encapsulated the eclipse in its highest potential, which I now see also had a generous dose of Neptunian magic beaming into Saturn’s love of order. I was in a large open room with a hundred or more people of all ages, some miked and on stage, some seated with guitars, some standing, strumming, swaying, dancing, and singing, “We…shall…live again. We shall live again.” The scene was a remarkable unifying event-cum-nascent-movement called GuitarMash, the lyrics from “Ghost Dance” by Patti Smith. There’s your inspirational image. Refer to it as needed. (And definitely listen to the song.)

This protracted moment in time could be the beginning of the most vital, vibrant, exciting, honest stage of your life. It is that beginning, if you make it so. Remember that. Emblazon that in your heart and mind. Gravitate to that and keep the faith, because intensity is not going away … for years. It is now part of the fabric of our life. No more hitting the snooze button. No more sleep walking. We have to wake up. We are awake. And the potential is with us to feel — and be — more fully alive than ever.

We’re in the kick-off for that potential. Tuesday’s New Moon is the first in Scorpio since Saturn entered it at the beginning of October, for the first time since 1983. This is the inaugural event for his tour of that sign (and his mutual reception with Pluto), which will last for the next two and a half to three years.

This New Moon is also the first event in the next eclipse cycle, which takes place on the Scorpio/Taurus axis of property and survival. From now till the fall of 2014, this cycle will be rebooting our attitudes about and relationship to money, possessions, power, sharing, intimacy, sex (including forbidden, secretive and triangles), death, taxes and subterranean impulses. While the entire cycle will be bringing back around themes, issues, people and situations from late 1993-1995, this week’s solar eclipse ties directly to November 1993. Think back to the stand-out experiences and themes of that time; something now is connecting to them.

A solar eclipse is a doorway that may take six months or so to fully open (or for you to see what’s come through it.) Doorways go both ways, of course. Situations and people leave under them, sometimes breathtakingly quickly; powerful new ones come in.

Nothing is trivial now. Use the clarifying, purifying and focusing influences to simplify your life. Eliminate broken objects, patterns, situations and relationships. If the effort to put something right outweighs its value to you, out it goes. Whittle your schedule, activities and connections down as much as you can to only what has meaning and value to you. And for that short list, you’ll find you’re willing to devote the time and do the necessary work, even if it’s scary or uncomfortable, to fit it into your life.

No matter what is going on for you, no matter what unfolds in the next months and weeks, this homing thought will lead you to the beneficial side of this eclipse: Am I going to live until I die, or die until I die? I’m choosing “live.” Who’s with me?

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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