2012 Sagittarius New Moon

December 13, 2012
12:42 AM PST / 3:42 AM EST / 8:42 AM GMT
21 Sagittarius 54

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The cosmic alarm clock is going off! This month’s Sagittarius New Moon isn’t merely a signal, but a pointed invitation to wake up, install clean filters and go forth with an updated approach to life.

The change is more than intellectual, though it does involve what goes on in our minds. There’s also a large and significant portion that’s below the level of thought and language, in our psyches, in our cells, in our bloodlines even. Another large and significant portion originates outside our beings, in our environment, in our media diet, in our social circles and families, in our upbringing and education, and in the conventions and values of our culture.

All of these are intertwined in one big, less than tidy ball. No matter what shape it’s in, and knotted and snarled as some components may be, the combined impact remains: What you think is what you get.

All of that is up for a new phase. You already know that. You’ve already been hitting the wall or, more likely, the breaking point in one major area of life, maybe more. And no, the cosmos is not about to heap more upon your overloaded spirit. This week’s New Moon does not bring more ripping up and out — that’s been going on for months, a process that accelerated during last month’s pair of eclipses. This is the passageway into Doing Something About It.

Everything supports passionate, unhesitating, impulsive action and reaction. The Moon’s ruler, Jupiter, is on the receiving end of a yod, or Finger of God, from Saturn and Pluto. One’s the ruler of structure, order and the status quo, all of which the other is inescapably, deeply and utterly transforming. For the next couple of years, they’re working as a team, facilitating overhauls and reorganization of all our foundational structures, internal, external and collective.

That collaboration started in October, and it’s accelerating now. By pointing to Jupiter, they are imbuing their collaboration with his happy-go-lucky, bigger-is-better bent. You want change? Get going and he’ll mushroom it way beyond what you initially contemplated. (Possibly beneficially so; he does have a golden touch.)

Their collaboration also interjects their restructuring and overhaul mandate into Jupiter’s domain — including this Moon phase, which he rules. This mandate directly speaks to what you do with all the thoughts and data and programming that flow in and out of your mind, your cells and your environment.

That’s where the alarm clock is ringing: Time to wake up. Time to live by revised rules, revised theories, revised philosophies, a revised frame of reference.

We aren’t likely to hit the snooze button, and the few who do will find it uncooperative. That’s because an enormous wild card factor is also in play with this Moon. As it comes into being, Uranus, the awakener, the cosmic rebel, the agent of unpredictable change, is stationing direct. He’s been retrograde since July, and matters that have been rolling around since then may burst to the surface now.

Anything can happen: A shaft of light piercing the sky and upending your previous view of reality. A lightning bolt delivering a “Eureka!” moment — or blasting apart a situation, relationship, belief or point of view. A spark catching fire and inciting daring action. A gas pedal hitting metal.

What’s for certain is that inactivity is going on the window. Dynamite is going off in stuck places. And odds are good that we’ll respond energetically, if not enthusiastically, when we hear the cosmic alarm clock sound.

Have fun with it. Seriously! You’ve got cosmic permission to install a new operating system. So pick one that suits you — and let ‘er rip!

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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