Walk This Way! Forecast for Dec. 10-19, 2012

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Have you ever seen a flashing red arrow pointing the way? No? Well, aren’t you in for a treat. That’s exactly what the cosmos is sending your way this week. Maybe it won’t actually appear in the sky (though…who knows?), but it will be in your consciousness — if you’ll just take notice.

This week births a huge shift in consciousness. All those beliefs you’ve been rethinking, sabotaging thought patterns you’ve been identifying, unhelpful technology and transportation routes and vehicles — this is the week to move beyond them into a new framework that supports both you and the evolutionary drive everyone’s undergoing.

The planet of the week, and part of the driving force behind this shift, is Jupiter. What with all the hubbub in the skies this fall, he hasn’t been getting much press lately, but he definitely has gold-tipped fingers in everything right now. He’s the ruler of Sagittarius and currently backing his way through the opposite sign of Gemini — where last month’s lunar eclipse took place. He’s been whipping up thought and talk connected to last June, to 12 years ago, to all manner of topics alluded to in the second paragraph (the one above this one).

This week, four spotlights hit happy-go-lucky, bigger-is-better Jupiter. The first clicks on Monday, when Mercury, planet of gab, gadgets and getting around, moves into Sagittarius. This puts each of them in the other’s home, a condition called mutual reception that makes each resonate with the other’s influence. Until Mercury clears Sag at the end of the month, this condition will escalate the level of chatter and running around — and also make us think, process and talk about everything that’s going on. That will generally happen with a warm-hearted, optimistic, dare I say, jovial vibe, though jingoism and strident viewpoints could mushroom, too.

The second is Thursday’s New Moon in Sagittarius, the formal launch of the next, new phase in consciousness. (Read my full mooncast, which will be posted by Wednesday.) Jupiter is the host of this event, which invites us to move into the new framework that we’ve been considering. While we, of course, are free to stay with our existing opinions, prejudices, life philosophy and frame of reference, we also have significant pressure from the cosmos to update them.

This comes from the third spotlight on Jupiter, which blends with the New Moon’s energies and colors the whole moon cycle: a finger of God from Saturn and Pluto pointing right at Jupiter. This is the flashing red arrow I mentioned at the outset, with a bleating klaxon to boot. Saturn and Pluto are the lords of structure and restructuring, and they’re teamed for the next nearly three years in the same type of energetic commingling that Jupiter has with Mercury. Their alliance impels us to reorganize at the deepest possible levels, thoroughly, responsibly, ruthlessly and wisely.

That impetus is leading right now to Jupiter and all that he rules. Reorganize more. Restructure more. Purge more. Attack your basic, default, unconscious beliefs. Dig up stuff you forgot was in your mental attic. Shine the light of this new day into all of that. Knock out cobwebs. Knock out the thinking and programming and ancient memories and maxims that relatives and teachers and TV hammered into you while you were growing up. Flood the space that results with optimism, hope, faith and your own truth(s).

Odds are this round of clearing out won’t require much premeditation. It’s getting a powerhouse kickoff from Uranus stationing direct on the same day as the New Moon. Uranus embodies volatile, unpredictable, unforeseeable change, these days with all the impetuousness, single-mindedness, derring-do and solo bent of its current base of operations in Aries. Uranus has been retrograde since mid-July, and his change of direction will propel into being all manner of twists, turns, monkey wrenches, epiphanies and breaks for freedom that have been stirring below the surface since then.

The result? Clean slates, bold leaps, jettisoning of baggage and a slew of startling, sudden moves. This week ignites a flame that galvanizes us to action. If by chance you don’t spy the flashing red arrow, take note of what’s different in your life by the weekend. That will hint at the arrow — and its direction.

And keep writing materials by your bedside, too. The overnight hours teem with activity every single night. Clues are running rampant.

Oh, and the fourth spotlight on Jupiter? That comes from Venus entering Sagittarius Saturday evening. Relationships are a huge part of the playing field where that red arrow is pointing. Let the parties begin!

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Please give it five stars on iTunes! You can also get my podcast as an app for Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon and as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod! Apple product info under this week’s podcast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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