Heaven on Earth: The 2013 Capricorn New Moon

January 11, 2013
11:44 AM PST / 2:44 PM EST / 7:44 PM GMT
21 Capricorn 45

It’s time to make things real. Spiritual connections, goals and desires are coming down to earth. Deep-rooted clearings and transformations are coming to the surface. And all are taking physical form in the here and now.

Developments have a long tail indeed. The Capricorn area of your chart has been under renovation for five years, since Pluto entered that sign at the end of January 2008. In the past year, one section of that has been worked over by the cosmic equivalent of depth charges and meat tenderizers. A significant chapter begins now; significant birthings and coming into being begin now.

Structure, form and formalizing are watchwords for this process. The Moon is ruled by Saturn, keeper of order and rulers, and minder of long-term ramifications. He’s in a cooperative aspect to the trio of planets joining the Sun and the Moon in Capricorn: Venus, ruler of love, money and creativity; Pluto, lord of death and regeneration; and Mercury ruler of communication and transportation.

Trivial this is not! This line-up calls for raw honesty, especially with the self, for connecting and committing to situations of profound and lasting value, and for cutting loose from the diversionary, the diseased, the outmoded. Intense and deep conversations are probable; so are intense and deep connections. (Champagne in the fridge, anyone?)

It is definitely a time to dump baggage. Purging is a terrific way to embrace these energies. Clean your closets. Give away usable items you don’t want to someone they’d benefit. (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, women’s shelters, and Freecycle come to mind.) Purge like mad. Make a point to look in dark, hidden places (basements, under sinks, storage units, the backs of closets). You’re clearing ground for emerging growth. Get the ickies out of the way!

This Moon phase is firmly connected to relationships and money. Venus and Pluto are the rulers of desire (conscious vs. cellular) and of money (ordinary amounts vs. enormous wealth). The conscious, worldly end of those two spectrums gets an otherworldly boost the day before the New Moon, when Venus makes a door-opening aspect to Neptune, ruler of dreams, transcendence and outright escapism.

Magical, heaven-sent opportunities present themselves; romance, universal love and, I’m going to use that word again, magic color our world. This stance of heart-softening pervades the New Moon and the month growing out from it.

So does the anticipation of two less gentle, more insistent, more exciting events: Venus’ clash with awakening Uranus this weekend, and her private meeting next week with transformative Pluto. Her travels imbue our hearts and values with higher love and guidance, knocks situations into movement and impels intense explorations of intimacy and awareness of the power and extent of our desires. Fears and compulsions are part of the mix, too, but the desire end has a magnetism that will pull us in regardless.

The bottom line (always a factor with Capricorn): What we’re drawn to now has lasting impact, if not lasting form. Developments are profound, tangible, real-world, the physical manifestation of rumblings that have been sounding since last summer. Choices and commitments we make now are no rabbit holes or momentary diversions. At a minimum, they are monumental stepping stones to the future and security we are building. Many are far more than that; many will be with us for the long haul.

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