Look At ME!!! 2013 Leo Full Moon

January 26-27, 2013
8:39 PM PST / 11:39 PM EST / 4:39 AM GMT
7 Leo 24 / 7 Aquarius 24

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde

This weekend’s Leo Full Moon spotlights how well we’re shining — and who is paying attention. As we take center stage this time, though, it’s with intense awareness of what’s going on in the wings, not to mention the shadows, closets, basement and other darkened places.

Circumstances have been nudging (in some cases, shoving) you to be wildly, vibrantly unique yourself. Consciously or not, you’ve been lifting brakes that have held your true nature in check. Maybe you’ve been acting with less concern about propriety, or about what other people might think. Maybe other people’s reactions haven’t entered the equation and you’ve simply been allowing yourself freer expression.

Go for broke now. This weekend’s Moon has a strong element of pulling out the stops. With Uranus and Mars hosting the party, daring, surprising, unconventional, and even shocking behavior is called for. Here’s how they’re in charge: The Leo Moon is disposited by the Sun. Since the Sun’s in Aquarius, he’s ruled by Uranus. Since Uranus is in Aries, he’s ruled by Mars, who is in Aquarius and therefore under the command of … Uranus.

Neither Uranus (the cosmic rebel and awakener) nor Mars (god of action) is quiet on his own. When they’re in cahoots like this, it’s as if the cosmos is triple dog daring us.

This challenge will summon inner children, performers and drama queens alike. Some people are going to be playful and have a blast; others are going to act out and demand attention.

As the melee plays out, three key factors are worth noting. One is the maturity level of behavior (and please draw a difference between childlike and childish). One is the concern or lack thereof for other people’s reactions. And one is the extent, quality and source of the reaction.

Engage in behavior for your personal expression and enjoyment and, paradoxically, you will draw an appreciative audience. The size isn’t important; the point is that people “get” you. Notice exactly what that is, too. Pay attention to who is cheering you on and who’s joining in.

Also pay attention to what’s going on throughout your social circles. Who’s having fun, and who’s just being infantile? Hissy fits, petulance, demands for attention and blowing situations way out of proportion are all signals that you may want to redefine some of your alliances.

Just for grins, compare this month with January of 2008, when a lunar eclipse happened within a degree of this month’s Full Moon. How has your expression of yourself changed since then? How has your role changed in group contexts? Aren’t you measurably more comfortable with being yourself — and around people who applaud you for that?

There’s another, darker side to what’s happening. The Sun and the Moon are each bearing down on Saturn, in a dynamic configuration called a t-square. This pressure is what’s directing attention to the shadows, closets, basements and other darkened places. What is going on back there, and how healthy is it for you?

A wealth of questions arise from this. How committed are you and your social groups to each other? Is your community supportive? What return are you getting on your investment of time and energy? What’s the level of trust and intimacy? Has anyone betrayed you or broken trust? Are you betraying yourself or your system of values?

With the people who truly get you, this is a time of deepening and stabilizing the connections. As for the others, a cutting back is in order. Some people might leave (in which case bless them). You might leave the group, a likely outcome if it does not fit in with your refocused vision for your life. You might relegate these people to the far reaches of your personal universe. You might cease contact, or you might overtly end the friendship(s).

The point of all of this is your ability to dance and shine unimpeded. You are in the spotlight, not just during this Full Moon, but for the entirety of your life. You are securing a safe and supportive stage for you to play on. The condition of the wings, backstage areas and dressing rooms are important, too, and so is the makeup and identity of the audience. They’re waiting for you to come out now. Take a bow.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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