Astro-Insight for Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2013

Face the direction you’d like to go. You’ve still got time for a detached, long-distance view before emotions take over later in February.

Enjoy the vantage point and gaze as far off as you feel inspired. Circumstances will pull your vision close in as needed this week, when the Sun sets off the cosmic red arrow that’s been flashing for the past month.

It’s been expanding your frame of reference, crashing your outmoded technology (raise your hands) and yet stabilizing your balance and footing amid the ongoing change. Clarity is coming about what all this means for you on a very personal level. Watch for moments of awareness of how you have evolved and how you are living more consciously and in sync with your power.

Limits on your power will become clear as well and add to the process of stabilizing, though in a form you may not recognize as such. Or welcome. The form may be a criticism, brake, delay, obstacle or wall that blocks or impedes or limits you (or just plain makes you feel small). No matter how frustrating it feels at the moment, the pause is likely exactly what you need — to breathe, to allow developments to solidify, to feel the ground grow firm beneath your feet. Think of it as looking both ways before crossing the street. So your stride breaks for a moment. Your journey will go on.

A stalled part of it is on the verge of reviving. Jupiter is stationing direct this week and ending the retrograde he’s been in since the beginning of October. Information will gradually begin to flow and options open up affecting matters that have been simmering or slowed since then.

Friday brings an energetic gear shift that foreshadows much of February. Cosmic lovers Mars and Venus, rulers of the masculine and feminine and of our drive and our heart, are both switching signs, during a void of course moon. New energy and modes of expression are coming into our motivations, actions and relationships, and the first place they’re changing is inside you.

Mars in Pisces is the scout planet for the pile-up that will occur in that sign later in February. His move promises an upsurge in emotionally driven behavior, in compassion, in kindness, in gentleness and …. in backhandedness. Straightforward action is going off the books for a bit. Instead, we’ll be indirect and touched by everyone else’s activity. Think of what happens in the ocean, or in a pool. Activity in one area sooner or later affects other areas. Gentle movement ripples out in all directions, while sudden or violent motion is hard to direct and can come back at you.

Venus, in contrast, is moving from cold and calculating Capricorn to detached and intellectual Aquarius. We’ll be less concerned with the bottom-line and long-term security and more inclined to lighten up, make like millennials and hang out in packs. Socializing will come more easily and freely, because every contact will no longer resound with potential ramifications and commitment.

Almost as soon as they change signs, Venus and Mars calibrate, and our hearts and will come into an updated alignment that fits the direction we’re facing. Artistic inspiration and compassion come into the mix as well, as the planets of worldly and higher love, Venus and Neptune, undergo their own alignment.

Sit in the gentle vibes that ensue. They will inspire action next week and grace relationship shifts and breakthroughs to come. Your task for now is a paradox, but one you have the power to reconcile. Take an elevated view of your path and the future to which it appears to be heading — and immerse yourself in an ocean of unconditional love.

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