Forecast for Feb. 4 – 10, 2013

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Tie down your grounding cords. Make sure your inner GPS is on. Both are critical aids for this week’s sea change in energy.

We’ve been aware of the ground shifting beneath our feet (and within our psyches); we’ve been heeding a cosmic red arrow and enjoying a bird’s-eye view of where (we think) it’s pointing. Whatever the specifics of your situation are, wherever your attention has been for the past month, it’s about to become diffuse.

The non-physical aspects of existence are getting a celestial boost in a taste of what’s to come. They’re increasingly dominating the show this month, which is itself a warm-up act for the energetic flow (aka grand trine in water) that awaits this summer.

This is not the greatest influence for pulling together tax data, unless you’d like to test-drive bookkeeping by spirit guide. Compassion, kindness, inspired action, and non-verbal communication, on the other hand, fit the vibe nicely So do escapism, martyrdom, confusion, deliberate deception (media spin in overdrive), and retreat to a bottle of wine. Some things are not as they seem. Strangely, though, some are exactly what you sense (not think); this week abounds with magic and romance that are absolutely real. Hence the usefulness of the grounding cord and inner GPS.

Two back-to-back events in Pisces are behind this shift. Mars, the planet of action, makes a super-conjunction to Neptune and his cosmic fog machine (by degree on Monday and by declination on Tuesday). This encourages non-action, illusory action and outright deceitful action; it also sabotages, blunts or subverts shows of assertion and aggression.

Like a pebble dropping into a pond, watch how one act has far-reaching consequences, rippling out to touch, affect and move widening circles of people. This aspect also embodies the butterfly effect, which connects the flapping of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the planet to a tsunami on the other. We feel what others are going through, consciously or not, as events tie together people regardless of geographic distance.

The highest potential of this meeting is gentleness, love and spiritual guidance leading us and guiding our behavior. Harness it; hand the reigns over to something greater than your conscious will and offer yourself as a force of good. Ask to be led to the most beneficial course or direction. The path and probably the destination won’t match your expectations, but I bet you’ll laugh at how perfectly they answer your request.

The soft, indirect, transcendent vibe moves to our mental processes when Mercury, the ruler of gab, gadgets and how we get around, plops into Pisces on Tuesday. He’s in that sign until the middle of April — a long time, yes, because he’s turning retrograde near the end of this month. His protracted Pisces bath brings the same softening, indirectness and spiritually guided potential to communication and travel that we are experiencing with our drive and actions.

An upsurge follows in telepathy, empathy and “knowing.” Hunches are strong. Someone crosses your mind and a text or call comes seconds afterward. Messages crop up in song lyrics, casual conversation, dialogue, street signs. Information and answers come in dreams (so program them with questions). Looks say more than words express. Conversations take on tenderness, too, laying sweet groundwork for Valentine’s Day next week.

This influence could (okay: will) make travel a bit weird. Roads you’ve driven for years suddenly look unfamiliar. Signs and detours don’t make sense. Wrong turns take you past places you realize you need to visit. People on the road or in public transit act like they’ve lost their senses. Or passengers have a group-mind reaction or a bonding event like breaking out in song together.

These characteristics are all-consuming this week. Like Mars, Mercury also has two-day meeting with Neptune (by degree on Wednesday and by declination on Thursday.) The masculine archetypes of our will and our mind are bathing in the ocean that contains all of existence. We’ll all grok the interconnectedness of all life, whether through nuanced, loving connections or events that drive the point home.

Rational minds aren’t in charge. Don’t fight it; embrace it. The water’s not subsiding for weeks and will be surging again this summer. Ride it. Go with the flow.

And don’t worry about going under. Sunday’s New Moon in Aquarius revives everyone’s ability to get intellectual distance. Think of it as climbing to the top of a mast with a spyglass. For more, read my New Moon report, which will be posted on the site by Saturday.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Please give it five stars on iTunes! You can also get my podcast as an app for Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon and as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod! Apple product info under this week’s podcast.

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