Catch a Wave; Ride the Love Boat: Forecast for Feb. 11-17, 2013

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Last week’s extraordinary atmosphere is with us still. It’s a weird, not entirely graspable mix of energies: misty, watery, foggy, weepy, dreamlike and sleep-inducing, not so much derailing plans as dissolving them. It’s inspiring, too, occasionally outright blissful, while also dredging up ancient pain and wounds from the core of our beings.

Forceful, straightforward motion is not the way through — have you noticed? These energies require floating, trusting, going on guidance, sitting quietly and emptying our minds and ourselves. Release your grip on schedules and expectations. We are riding the currents; we have to ride them. Speed depends on so many factors outside the control (or understanding) of your conscious mind. The best you can do is position yourself well, steer when possible and go along for the ride.

We’re experiencing this particular blend for the first time in our lives. It’s the result of an unprecedented (for us) coming together in Pisces, the sign of the interconnectedness of all being. Pisces is the hardest energy to grasp (think of what happens when you grab a handful of water), and right now it’s hosting heavily masculine archetypes, the rulers of our minds (Mercury) and our drive (Mars). We have never lived with them together in Pisces at the same time as its ruler Neptune (which entered his home in February 2012 for the first time since the mid-1800s).

Our minds’ and wills’ usual modes of operation falter in these waters, especially with Neptune directing his cosmic fog machine into their line of travel. Little happens linearly here. Instead, knowing and hunches are heightened; dreams and songs carry messages; wrong turns deposit us to places we needed to be; magic works; and inaction is often the most appropriate course.

It’s a big pot of paradox. As other-worldly and unhinged from ordinary reality as this combination is, it is making us keenly aware of our physicality, and how much that can hurt. Mercury and Mars are traveling with Chiron, embodiment of abiding, incurable wounds as well as mastering physical existence despite them. Longstanding health issues are stirring; soul-level emotional wounds are being exposed and aggravated. All hold the potential for transcendence and a level of healing beyond what we have previously experienced.

Forgiveness is a huge element in this. The most important focus for forgiveness is, of course, yourself — in this life, in all times in this life, in all lives and levels. Let yourself off the hook for the choices you’ve made, for the hurts you’ve inflicted on yourself and others, for the situations and hurts and insults that you have tolerated, for — basically — being human. To paraphrase Fleetwood Mac, stop dragging your heart around. Do that and the next organic step is extending the same courtesies to others.

Maybe the underlying issues remain, but our internal relationship to them is undergoing therapy, soothing and calming. Outer behaviors are shifting, especially involving men who have deep wounds or who inflicted deep wounds (often one and the same). I’ve heard about some parent/adult child turnarounds lately that amount to miracles — some on the level of previously so far out of your concept of reality that you never wished for it, much less considered that it could ever be possible.

Don’t discount what you’re seeing. Don’t underestimate what is possible. We are currently floating in the sea of limitless possibility. Really. Jupiter, who ups any action he’s involved with, is escalating all the action in Pisces right now. (Go back to the first paragraph and put “more” or “extreme” in front of every adjective, and that’s his contribution.)

Jupiter has the cooperation of Uranus, the awakener, pattern breaker and lobber of lightning bolts. Electrical flashes are striking and illuminating the water. Anything can happen. Anything. So why not go for broke?

This is the time for excessive, wacky, insane dreams, the ones that have been building in your soul, the ones that are so precious that you haven’t dared ask for them because hearing “no” would hurt too much. Dare. Voice them to yourself. Reach for them. Ask your guides or angels or God for them. If they’re ever going to break through, it’s now. Or maybe this summer: energetically we’re in a warm-up for the flow that will carry us all along when a grand trine connects all the water signs beginning at the end of June. Don’t wait till then, though. Use your guidance. Trust. Ask. Begin the process now.

One caveat: More than ever, it is critical to monitor and maintain your boundaries. We are all sponges, soaking up each other’s energy as well as whatever’s bubbling in the complicated stew of the collective unconscious. It is appallingly easy to be influenced by other people’s wounds, pains, dramas, beliefs, insanities, issues, fears, anxieties — get the picture? Emptying yourself periodically is essential. I give several simple techniques for doing this in my one-hour talk Navigating the Shift With Ease. If you haven’t listened to it yet, download it for free here.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Please give it five stars on iTunes! You can also get my podcast as an app for Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon and as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod! Apple product info under this week’s podcast.

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