2013 Virgo Full Moon

February 25, 2013
12:26 PM PST / 3:26 PM EST / 8:26 PM GMT
7 Virgo 24 / 7 Pisces 24

This month’s Full Moon is in Virgo, the sign with the greatest bent for discernment and healthy boundaries. While Full Moons run to the emotional, this month’s has an analytical bent that is bound to counterbalance so much energy in free-flowing water just now.

In the chart for this event, the Moon is all by herself on one side of the sky, with all the other bodies forming a wide semicircle opposite her. It looks as if she were the handle on a bucket (which is, in fact, the label for this planetary arrangement). Fittingly, she has properties that may help us get a handle on everything else that’s going on.

The Virgo Moon encourages examining with a critical eye — looking at circumstances and situations with a knack for finding fault, some would say, but also with the view of bettering and perfecting them. The keen powers of perception and analysis she offers are somewhat blunted this time around, due to the fact that her ruler Mercury is retrograde, not to mention under spell of mystical Neptune. She is providing distance from the fog, confusion, romanticism and pain currently swirling in the waters around Neptune — but her vantage point might not entirely be objective. Some of the reactions she’s encouraging are along the lines of a fussbudget, or even outright pissy.

So: concepts, messages, desires, motivations and wounds with highly emotional, sensitive and psychic overtones are running through an intellectual filter. Several results are likely.

One is that this is not going to be a quiet time. The Sun and the Moon are pressuring Jupiter in a dynamic, action-demanding configuration called a t-square. Jupiter increases any action he’s near, and the sign he is in, Gemini, is also ruled by that retrograde Mercury. Minds are in overdrive, and so are mouths; we’ll be gathering info, chewing, talking, chewing some more, picking things apart, talking, gathering more info, chewing some more…

Another is that the flurry of talk and mental activity will dislodge important and revealing bits of information — most importantly, about how you feel. And that will, if you look at it, let you know how much you are soaking up and hanging on to from other people and outside energies right now. With so many bodies in Pisces, the vast sea that connects all of life, we are all in sponge mode now. The challenge is distinguishing your energy/issues/challenges from those of the other people in the water — recognizing what is yours and what is theirs, recognizing when you are succumbing to energy from an outside source, and periodically cleaning your own part of the pool.

Feeling bad now is actually positive, because that points to an overloaded sponge. If you feel judgmental (or judged) or critical (or criticized) or find yourself perseverating on flaws or negatives, look at your boundaries. Are they being crashed/ignored/washed away? Are you drowning in issues that belong to someone else? To explore these questions, listen to my free talk Navigating the Shift With Ease, which teaches simple tools for disengaging and reclaiming your energy.

Yet one more probable by-product of this Full Moon: all that talking and gathering and chewing may lead to rising above and gaining understanding of the confusion, weird synchronicities, heart openings and ancient pain that you have been experiencing lately. Ask to be shown the bigger picture (Jupiter’s got a bead on that). Ask to be shown what’s important. Ask to be shown what is real and what is fantasy.

The net effect has the potential to be grounding, clearing and therapeutic. If you spin into questions, consider these: Am I nit-picking, or is this truly important? What is my reaction saying about the state of my emotions? Am I not being fed? Are other people overly affecting me? How could I improve this situation? How could I improve my experience of this situation?

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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