Forecast for March 11 – 17, 2013

My 2013 astro-outlook is now available on mp3. 90 minutes, $40.

I hope you’ve been taking advantage of and enjoying floating in the water, because that gentle pace is not long for this world. Boy, howdy, is movement on the way.

But first, where are you now? Your current coordinates, inside and out, are key to the next moon phase. Monday’s New Moon in Pisces takes all that gentle, confusing, emotional-laden, extra-sensory energy of the past few weeks and splashes it across the next month.

The spray is infused with desires and our willingness and ability to go after them. Leading the way: inner guidance, divine intervention and mind-blowing synchronicities. That’s right; more magic and mystery are in store for us. (My Words With Friends game has been generating cosmic commentary; what’s been happening with you?) Read more in my mooncast.

And then, blam! We move from floating to hopping on a jet ski and zooming across the water when action god Mars moves into his fiery home sign of Aries on Tuesday. Say goodbye to wallowing, circling, sleepwalking and staring off into the clouds. Mars is in his element in Aries – impulsive, impatient, assertive, antagonistic, fearless, independent and leaping before looking or aiming. After idling in the water for weeks, he’s raring to go — and could go way overboard when the ability to move kicks in.

Tuesday could be quite volatile, explosive and exciting, with the Moon also entering “where’s the fire?” Aries and quickly meeting up with Mars and Uranus. Some people will be toddlers in tantrums, others making like Capt. Kirk, while most of us are simply pouncing on an opening we’ve been anticipating for some time. Mind the direction of your thoughts, emotions and intentions at the beginning of the week. You’ll be charging ahead without double-checking them, so make sure you’re happy with their orientation before the games begin.

As much as you may feel you have to go after everything at once, you don’t — and can’t. You can tackle one moment, one lily pad, one battle, one stage at a time. Mars remains in Aries through April 20, and skirmishes, thrusts, passions and forays will be ongoing through then.

After igniting us, the skies give us a few days to accustom to the blaze. The suspended-in-time sensation returns with the void of course Moon that consumes all of Wednesday and most of Thursday, and with a complete absence of celestial activity on Friday afternoon and evening. Stoke your internal fire. Let it build. Daydream about where you’d like it to take you. Ask for guidance on expending it, too.

Enjoy it, because life starts hopping again on Sunday. Mercury stations direct, ending the retrograde motion he’s been in since Feb. 23. He won’t be making forward progress for a few days, but we won’t care. It won’t be a quiet day, and not just because of St. Paddy’s inspiring all manner of carrying on. Thoughts and communications will be energized, profound and unstoppable, no holding back. No telling what you’ll hear, or what’ll fly out of your mouth.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Please give it five stars on iTunes! You can also get my podcast as an app for Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon and as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod! Apple product info under this week’s podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for four and a half years. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

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