2013 Pisces New Moon

March 11, 2013

3:52 PM PDT / 12:52 PM EDT / 7:52 PM GMT
21 Pisces 24

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This month’s New Moon immerses us all in the boundary-dissolving, reality-blurring waters of of Pisces. Sure, we’ve been in and on the waters, but the full-body baptism comes now. The New Moon takes all that gentle, confusing, emotional-laden, extra-sensory energy of the past few weeks, dunks us completely in it and splashes it across the next month.

We are human sponges in a divine soup of magic, healing, insanity, love, compassion and emotions and vibrations from all over creation. No way our rational minds can navigate this passage. Guidance is critical to discern what’s what: what is ours and what is someone else’s, what is a blessing, a lie, shucksterism, craziness, ravings from the bottle, or guidance from the depths of our beings or angelic heights.

There are seven bodies in Pisces right now and all of them are connected, as if they were holding hands in a chain. They are infusing the waters with magic, mystery and all forms of escapism, from the unhinged and unsavory to the most artistic and spiritual; communication and transportation issues; the possibility of healing and resolution; the merging of our emotional and logical sides; and our will, drive and actions.

The last of these bodies, Mars, is in the final degree of Pisces, which is the zodiacal point of ultimate sorrow and sacrifice. (The first Bush-era war — Afghanistan, I believe — began with this degree on the chart ascendant, a marker for a conflict with losses and little resolution.) There may well be an element of putting the individual aside for the greater good. Leaps of faith, or acts based on faith, will also be in high supply.

Mars’ placement also adds some firepower potential to this line-up. For one reason, he is the ultimate god of fire, so his presence (a) in Pisces and (b) in the highest degree of that sign heat the waters to a rolling boil. For another, he is close enough to Uranus in Aries that he is energetically reaching across the border between signs and pulling into the Pisces blend all that volatile, genius, impulsive, unpredictable, fearless, reckless Uranian energy. So, yes, we’re in a water atmosphere, but it’s shot through with electricity, lightning, energy and unquenchable fire. No sweet tropical lagoon, this environment. It is more like the cauldron of creation.

Anything can happen in the next month. Anything. No matter how stuck you have felt, no matter how often you have experienced life as floating aimlessly or circling on the top of the water, everything is heating up.

Trust your gut. Trust your instincts. Trust your feelings. They are more accurate — and will, to be honest, make more sense — than a lot of the empirical evidence that’s on the way. Developments are coming that are directly related to the ongoing rumblings, fractures and reshaping of our internal and external structures (which got depth charges last June and September, and are due for another detonation in May). Information is flowing in and action is amping up related to the cosmic red arrow that’s been pointing in an increasingly specific direction. That arrow is also an increasingly firm, reliable and sturdy foundation, while somehow bringing balm to ancient injuries.

The landscape remains chaotic, but you are getting the hang of where to plant your feet — or, better, how to ride the currents. Your hunch is sharpening about where you’re heading, even though you still can’t see how the dots are going to connect to get you there. Your sense is good of what you truly want and who’s coming along with you, and you’re letting what no longer fits wash away. Strap yourself in: The adventure of a lifetime is beginning.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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