Oooooh — Fire! Forecast for March 18 – 24, 2013

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Lock in your grounding cord and fasten your seat belt. Spring isn’t merely erupting this year. It’s exploding.

Everything’s heating up: the pace, enthusiasm, tempers, ambition, desires, agendas and breakthroughs. No more wallowing, swirling or drowning in water, clouds, fog and/or confusion. We’re climbing out and blasting off. Okay, so at times that’ll be more like being blasted out, by a depth charge that some hand, seen or unseen, has lobbed into the water. Either way, we’re moving,

Most of the pool party is clearing out of Pisces and warming themselves in the fires of Aries. The ruler of communication and transportation, Mercury, is still all wet but at least he’s ended his retrograde and will finally move noticeably forward by Thursday. These changes affect all of us. Our will, drive, gumption and hearts are all heading right for the flames — and for the come-what-may, unlocking, radical embrace of Uranus. The first clinch comes Friday, and the anticipation will be building all week.

But first, a look at what’s taking us into that embrace. Last week action hero Mars led the way into his home, where he encourages impulsive, fearless-to-reckless leading the charge, leaping first and looking, maybe, long afterward. This week the Sun and Venus follows, on Tuesday and Thursday.

The Sun’s move into Aries is the spring equinox, when the wheel of the year turns to birth and growth, the annual return of life force surging through seedlings and our beings. It’s natural to go outside and feel the hint of warmth in the air, and shake off the dust and doldrums of winter (and, this year, the unprecedented waters of the past six weeks). The gear shift stokes our internal engines and orients us to new and exciting possibilities.

When Venus joins the fire Thursday, say goodbye to quiet, contemplative, dare I say boring stretches. She’s entering huntress mode in Aries, not willing to wait for anyone to do her bidding but boldly targeting and pouncing on her prey. She is not subtle, reticent, sweet, sympathetic or patient, but unapologetic about what she wants and going after it.

Hmmm….Mars is in action mode….Venus is in action mode….are you getting a picture yet? The fact that the love goddess and her consort are both in the most primal expression of fire — and both heading for Uranus — spells an end to inaction, particularly where relationships are involved.

Desire trumps fear (or logic) and crazy action ensues. Moths flock to flames. The gun-shy step into the fray. Anything can happen, at any moment — especially once Mars meets up with Uranus.

That happens on Friday, in a super-conjunction, with the two hot heads lining up by declination and zodiacal degree. Let me get the one warning out of the way: Mars + Uranus can bring accidents. Take special care while driving or in motion. Watch where you’re going. Watch your temper. Don’t project worries onto that day. Ask instead for protection and guidance.

That duo can blast you out of all kinds of stuck places. The pair can motivate you and everyone around you to get moving quickly — so quickly that deep into the change you and the others look around, recognize where you are and what’s happened and marvel together. (This will be particularly true in relationships.)

Don’t be scared. Don’t worry. There’s no point in worry — or time for it. You’ve been waiting for this. It’s exciting. It’s life-affirming and enhancing. And it’s fun. Face the direction of your dreams. Your rockets are firing, and you’re blasting off.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Please give it five stars on iTunes! You can also get my podcast as an app for Android and Kindle Fire at Amazon and as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod! Apple product info under this week’s podcast.

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