Gay Marriages Under The Libra Full Moon

Astrology is in action all over the Web: Today’s Full Moon is in Libra, the sign of balance, relationships and social contracts, with the Sun in red-hot-Aries, accompanied by the archetypes of the lovers, Venus and Mars,and paradigm-breaking Uranus…and Facebook is awash in images of red equals signs, as the Supreme Court considers cases involving marriage equality, a graceful way of saying gay marriage rights.

The Aries pile-up is militant, insistent and gaining momentum, if the proliferation of red equal images is any indication. (They’ve evolved from two thick rectangles against red, to the floating pillows of Mark Rothko canvases, to stacked wedding rings against red, a red equal sign against the Constitution or a face (even Grumpy Cat’s), to flaming superhero arms flying across red — or stacked plastic ketchup squeeze bottles — forming the now-emblematic equals sign.) This spontaneous, snowballing of images is beautifully expressing the string-of-firecrackers energies in the skies. (Read more about them in my mooncast.)

It’s also giving me far more optimism than my legal background has about the Supreme Court just now. This may not be the moment when the halls of power give in to the groundswell. I will be flabbergasted, actually, if this particular line-up of judges comes down in favor of equality in marriage, and expect intellectual acrobatics that are infuriating and unapologetic. But this is the moment when society tips. This is the moment of no return on the issue. The Full Moon — with the goddess of love, the god of war and the agent of radical change united in rampage — is bearing down with a vengeance on Pluto, the agent of deep and unavoidable change, in Capricorn, which represents the structures that underlie our existence.

Structures must change, because the pressure to evolve is so great. All that pressure onto Pluto is dumping out across from him into Cancer, the sign of nurturing, of home life, of families. Society is changing. Family structures are changing. All this is happening no matter what the arbiters of law say right now. It simply is, independent of any formal or official sanction.

That will come, sooner or later. Whatever the Supreme Court’s decision is — and it may not be announced till late May, when the next square of Uranus and Pluto takes place — the metamorphosis is underway. The issue will return for revisiting and restructuring and refocusing time and again over the next two years, possibly in the form of more and more states passing marriage equality laws.

This week’s key events are occurring at the beginning of a cycle: in an early degree of the first sign of the zodiac. We are in the beginning times of this issue, not the end. A potent seed with radioactive strength has been planted. It will defy attempts to kill it. It will survive.

3 thoughts on “Gay Marriages Under The Libra Full Moon

  1. It’s not really whether the Supreme Court “comes out in favor.” Instead, the argument has been shaped as “what other class of people are categorized to be exempt from civil marriage contracts?”

    And there are none.

    SCOTUS must decide on the basis of classes of people, and apply the Constitution to “All (wo)men are created equal.” Women got the vote, the South was not able to “class” by race, and mixed marriages were “allowed,” not because they had to vote in favor, but because it’s role as SCOTUS is about judging for entire classes of people. This is an argument that will hold in favor of “The Gay Agenda” (which is, “Shall I wear a silk stripe for a wedding?”) and the Full Moon today will mark a symbol that will “enflame” those whose social tardiness confines everything to matching “innies” and “outies” solely based on biological characteristics. In the Age of Aquarius, the Social Mandate will Free Us ALL from the biological, racial, flesh-matter of differentiation.

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