I Me Mine: Forecast for May 6-12, 2013

By Kathy Biehl

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No matter how crazy events are these days, our focus comes back to basic, simple matters: My turf. My money. My toys. My stuff. My desires. My — admit it — appetites.

No one has the luxury of pondering lofty ideals. Who has the time? That’s so tight now that my friends and I have been joking about having to forego sleep to meet deadlines. So much boils down to time, money and resources — how much we have, how much we can give, how much we can get. We’re deeply in a sensory experience of life, very definitely in the here and now.

And yet, with all we have, we want more. It’s as if we’ve all been implanted with an entitlement gene that’s pushing us unapologetically toward satisfaction, toward seconds, toward gratification, toward consumption so far beyond the immediate need that no doubt remains we’re full. Thanks for that goes to the Taurus emphasis in the sky (which is affecting desire, drive, mission, communication and general getting around).

Adding to that slow-moving, knock-wood influence is this week’s flurry of super-conjunctions involving those placements in Taurus. A super-conjunction occurs when bodies meet within a short period of time in two ways, by both zodiac degree (the way we usually think of it) and by declination (which is based on distance from the equator). Think of it as a double-strength expression of the bodies’ combined influence, underscoring it with “And we really mean it!”

This week’s succession of super-conjunctions starts with a huge dose of walking our talk in fundamental, practical ways (Mercury and Mars, Tuesday and Wednesday — and don’t be surprised if normally tactically evasive folks are touching your arm or shoulder during conversations). Thursday is a groaning table of emotional assertiveness, brass tacks talk, and giving over to the impulses of the flesh (the Moon and Mars, the Moon and Mercury, the Moon and the Sun). Saturday, Mercury and the Sun bring our thoughts about ourselves to time present (“Do I really look like that? Really?”) and encourage us to get in our bodies.

We are not gravitating toward fleeting pleasures, though we may not be conscious of their lasting impact. What we savor now could be with us for (or at least, affect) months, if not years. That’s because all this wanting and pursuing and is answering the call of Thursday’s Taurus New Moon, which is a solar eclipse.

Even though new beginnings and phases are the hallmark of this supersized new moon, there are elements of purging and release. The temporary blocking of the light hits a symbolic restart button. In the process of the reboot, people and situations have a way of slipping out. Since Taurus is the playing field, the departures could have once been useful or costly. (Practical objects going lost is another manifestation.) Another reason for the ending vibe these days is this New Moon’s proximity to the South Node, which represents what we are moving away from. Possessions, values, attitudes about love and money — all are being reset, and some are clearing out, leaving room to grow for the ones that stay and the ones to come. Read more about the eclipse in my mooncast, which will be posted by Friday.

As much as we have, claim, embrace and consume, by the weekend, we don’t merely want more. We want choices. We want to keep doors and options open. Venus, ruler of all we desire and value, is moving into the air sign of the twins, Gemini, on Thursday. She encourages a lively social atmosphere, flitting from shiny object to shiny object and keeping connections light and fun. While she prefers playing the field, the guests in her Taurus home argue for the reassurance of physical contact and proof that someone is solidly, physically present for you — hand-holding, hugs and the entanglements of the heart that come from more. We’re in bodies, after all. Life is supposed to be physical.

For the longer term context, please read my article about the Scorpio lunar eclipse, which discuss what’s in effect for the next four weeks and beyond from the spring’s dynamic cluster of aspects.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to kbiehlATempowermentunlimited.net. Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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