2013 Gemini New Moon

June 8, 2013
8:58 AM PDT / 11:58 AM EDT / 3:58 PM GMT
18 Gemini 1

By Kathy Biehl

This month’s Gemini New Moon ushers in an updated perspective and approach. The update has been in the works; now it’s taking over.

No more chewing on the recent turmoil, disruptions, realizations and revelations. No more making excuses or putting up with anyone or anything that stifles you. No more blaming the past or your parents or the people around you or fate for anything. It’s time to look ahead instead of back. It’s time for a fresh start. Make that: a refreshed start.

With this New Moon, we are out of the eclipse gauntlet and into moving ahead with life. This New Moon is the first lunation (moon event) in two months that has not been an eclipse; April and May brought three, which will continue rocking us into the fall and beyond. It’s also the first Moon on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since the cycle in those signs wrapped up at the end of May.

This timing means that we’re moving into a new phase in the areas that the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses have been rebooting over the last two and a half years. The specific areas of your life that were affected depend on where those signs, and those eclipses, fell in your chart. For all of us, however, apart from those locations, the rebooting has affected our outlook on life. And as our thinking has changed, so have our experiences. (As I’ve been harping for years: Form follows thought.)

Although it’s been playing out since late 2010, the rebooting quickened this spring. Hasn’t your thinking changed lately about so much in your life (not to mention yourself)? Haven’t you been mentally walking away from connections, situations, mindsets, technology and personal patterns that you can no longer tolerate?

You’re recognizing the evolution of your thought processes now — and if you’re not yet conscious of that, this New Moon will bring it to your attention. The planetary line-up underscores how different you are. The Moon is in a growth aspect to its ruler Mercury (the cosmic messenger, who rules communication and transportation). Some of that growth has to do with the intertwining of our hearts and minds. Our brains are more susceptible to nonrational, fluctuating currents than to logic.

The messages Mercury is currently delivering have a considerable emotional content and impact — rushing, flooding, enveloping, carrying us along while occasionally flirting with pulling us under. He’s just has just passed a stressful contact with Pluto, which stirred tremendous emotional knowledge about the upheaval of the past two months. The messenger god has also just come off a grand trine to Saturn and Neptune, which is blending the mental realm with real-world ramifications and higher realm grace notes such as inspiration, guidance and compassion. (What’s been happening in your relationships? A softening, greater connectivity, more gushing expression?)

This New Moon shows that your outlook has room to grow, too. Watch for that and run with it as the next four weeks unfold. The New Moon is in an an opportunity aspect to Uranus, advocate of innovation, liberation and alternative viewpoints. This aspect promises to open thinking, shatter outmoded frames of reference and deliver unexpected information, messages and solutions — but none of these will fall into your lap. You have to meet them halfway, or grab them as they fly by, or at least be receptive to them.

The underpinning of your outlook (and of the Moon phase, the summer, the foreseeable future) is — ta da! — your heart. Venus, ruler of all we value, is in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, nurturing, home-loving, cookie-baking, tribe-and-tradition-oriented Cancer. Relationships, how we approach them and what we think about them are definitely involved in this new phase in outlook.

We’re decidedly, emotionally connected. Venus being in Cancer inclines us to sweetness, sentimentality, nesting and caretaking whoever we perceive as being in our brood. We’re also in the mode of taking these connections seriously, perhaps to the point of commitment. (Once again, this summer is not for flings.) Like Mercury, Venus is barely past a grand trine to Saturn and Neptune, which weights desires and relationships with responsibility and lifts them up with magic. The trio makes new loves, new inspirations, new creativity both real-world and heaven-sent.

This Moon has the oomph to bring all those qualities into being. It motivates us to push through confusion and deception (though, if not carefully handled, that pushing could force clouds of exactly that to mushroom.) Mars, lord of action, is going at one aspect or another or Neptune — will it be magicmaker? Dreamweaver? Fog machine? — and hitting a choicepoint with Saturn. Will you take the path that boxes you in? Or cast your lot with responsibility and commitment? (Note that those two paths are not one and the same.)

As you encounter that choice again and again in the next four weeks, your preferred choice will be more and more self-evident. That may be the case at the outset, too. Spirit and matter are commingling into one inseparable unit these days, with the ongoing trine between Saturn and Neptune. Their blend pervades your perspective. You sense the big picture. You feel a higher purpose, even magic at work. Your heart has the wheel. Trust it; trust your guidance; trust yourself.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

One thought on “2013 Gemini New Moon

  1. Hey, Kathy — This is so funny — my son-in-law Justin flies in next Friday (14) to drive my rental truck to San Diego!  So, yes –the update is taking over, and in spades.

    Here is my new mailing address — 1200 Rosecrans #537, San Diego, CA 92106.  If you are coming to San Diego for ANY reason, let me know — I need to update my will.  If I come to NJ I will also make an appointment with you, first thing!

    Money is tighter than ever — as soon as some breaks loose, I want a reading! (I don’t know when this will be — did you know it is Mom’s 90th birthday on Dec. 22nd?  That’s where the $$ go, next few months. . .if you’re in Houston over Christmas, you’re invited!)

    I think of you more often than you post “Insights”!  Yesterday, Leah took and passed her CA Real Estate Exam, and on her Facebook page she wrote, “My friends make me awesome. I passed.” I like this friends-sentiment, and one of them is YOU!

    Thanks for the posts — I’d pay lots of dollars for them if I could!!!  Cheers, C.


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