Forecast for June 24-30, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

Get ready for increase! Wherever you’ve been feeling, sensing or placing energy or emotion, more is on the way. The emotional tides you’ve been feeling are about to swell. That riptide that’s been tugging finally catches you. Floodgates are opening. Dams are breaking.

Remember February, when the energy was wet and static and stagnant? When you were stewing in your own juices (and everyone else’s)? You wanted movement then (be honest); now you’ve got it. The flow we’ve been experiencing all month is ramping up — as unbelievable as that may sound.

The cause is Jupiter moving into Cancer on Tuesday. He’s the guy who says if one is good, why not two? Or five?

For the past year, Jupiter has been whipping issues connected to how we think about ourselves and our world. For the next year, he’s escalating issues of nurturing, nesting, family and tribal connections, tradition, food and parent/child relationships. (Two memes from 90’s TV shows will be iconic: Pteri whining, “I want to be the baby,” when Miss Yvonne and Cowboy Curtis are playing house on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and the baby in Dinosaurs calling his father, “Not the mama!”)

The last time we enjoyed his more-the-merrier properties in this sign was mid-July 2001 through the end of July 2002. Themes, issues, situations and people from that time will be cycling back through our lives as he passes through Cancer over the next year.

This time, though, the water is different. Jupiter isn’t merely influencing Cancer, but is also stirring up the other two water signs as well. He is joining the grand trine that’s already in progress, anchored by Saturn (structure and order) and Neptune (transcendence, illusion, divine love). Ordinarily a Jupiter transit is subtle and nuanced; the fact that this one is beginning locked into a powerful configuration makes the usual experience unlikely, at first.

How these three planets affect and meld their influences will ebb and flow. When Jupiter first steps in, the raw, unrefined, unfettered expression of his energy could set off the equivalent of a tidal wave.

Don’t panic. Some of this could be beneficial. A lot of it, actually. The dreams-coming-true potential of Saturn/Neptune could mushroom; magical, even heaven-sent developments could rain down and wash over us. (One late-middle-aged manly man I know has been admitting to tears of joy over a third-time’s-a-charm committed relationship.)

Since Jupiter lacks a governor, the open current with Saturn will channel some of the rising waters into focused directions, or help us ride them (think: jet ski), or harness the waters’ force as power source. The collaboration with Neptune will give us a live feed to inspiration (artists, watch out; you’re heading for overdrive!), to wisdom and compassion, and to guidance from a non-rational and likely non-earthly source. It’ll be all the easier to access knowing, intuition and divine messages, so (a) ask for them and (b) heed them.

You are already getting the hang of living in and with the water atmosphere. The next few weeks, while Jupiter is lolling about the early degrees of Cancer, will just be a little, well, wetter. Go with the flow, or the flow may knock you over. If you’re comfortable surfing, catch a wave. If you’re not (no way I have the balance to stand on a moving board!), play like you’re a kid at the ocean. Run to meet the waves as they roll in, jump into them and let them carry you.

On Wednesday, Mercury stations for his second retrograde of the year, which will last until July 20. All his retrogrades in 2013 are in water, which adds to the formless, uncontainable, hard-to-grasp aspects of this type of transit. When the confusions and misunderstandings of a retrograde pop up, the effect, impact or reactions will be heightened. We’re all crabs without our shells and will take things personally and recoil, as if someone is poking our tender, exposed skin with a stick. Thoughts, words and messages will become more emotional, nonrational and nonlinear. Concepts will be even harder to delimit with words. We’ll be even more susceptible to picking up each other’s thoughts and energies.

Where’s the plus in this? We could be a lot more tender, sweet, kind, sympathetic, empathic, caring and just plain nurturing. We could “get” each other wordlessly. We could understand the recent past or, more likely, have a feeling of understanding, whether our brains get it or not. And as for those brains, they will have no choice but to throttle back while some other navigational tool leads us. Read more in my June/July 2013 Mercury Retrograde Guide.

The week does usher in a saving grace amid all this water: Venus, ruler of all we love and value, moves into fiery Leo on Thursday. She’s livening the beach party with sparkle, glamour and an insistence on fun. She loves to take center stage, which requires an audience, which means not being alone, which means that the impulse to socialize will soar. Her beach gear has the glint of gold and pearls, or maybe a tiara, or both, depending on her mood, and that cooler that someone’s carrying for her (as if she would for herself!) likely has champagne on ice. All this spells fun in the sun, parties, dressing up, laughing, living large, making like reality TV shows and letting big warm hearts radiate through all that water.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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