Forecast for July 1-7, 2013

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Did you sense the tide turning last week? Several times, in different directions, sometimes at once? We are in the midst of an enormous sea change, and the waters are still swirling this way and that. They are going to be highly active all summer. This week gives us more of a look at what’s churning and, just as importantly, how we feel about it.

Jupiter has brought his expansive properties to the home and family-focused sign of Cancer, which he is visiting for the first time since mid-2001-2002. This tour of duty promises high drama and emotions, as we are already seeing. His first 24 hours there alone precipitated terrain-altering Supreme Court decisions on marriage and an unprecedented, women-led pushback against legislation in Texas on reproductive rights. That’s the first splash of the rapids that lie ahead, as Jupiter moves into a grand trine in water with Saturn (law, social order) and Neptune (love, illusion, deceit). For a longer look at what this link-up means, go back to last week’s forecast. Just keep in mind: everything is enlarged, exaggerated, super-sized and aggrandized, triggering overwhelming outpourings of emotion and intensely personal reactions.

This week, we’re running through a gauntlet focused on relationships, money, attitudes about possessions, self-worth and value systems. Their ruler, Venus — who is, by the way, adding the larger-than-life, dramatic bent of Leo to this mix — is setting off two major configurations in the sky. In keeping with the current level of subtlety, the gauntlet begins with a shove and ends with an explosion, as she contacts not only the static arm of the grand trine, but also the cosmic change agents that have been upending our lives for the past year.

The shove comes on Monday and butts her up against authority, rules, laws, commitments, obligations and other constraints. We want X and someone tells us no, or puts on the brakes, or makes us eat our vegetables first.

No coincidence that this is the day a second special session of the Texas legislature is convening to reconsider the abortion restriction statute that went off the rails last week. No coincidence that Planned Parenthood has called a rally on the capitol grounds for noon, when the Venus/Saturn square is exact at 12:04 PM CDT. (I love astrology.) This battle is going to be pitched from both directions; Venus in Leo means the feisty woman who claimed the capitol as their house are not backing down, at all. The police aren’t going to be light-handed, either. At all.

This force is not necessarily argumentative or reactive in all cases, however. It could funnel situations into workable structures, such as relationships or deals responding to pressure to take form or possibly even commit.

This impact propels us to two crossroads. Monday brings a navigational choice as Venus inconjuncts Neptune: will we be guided by love, compassion or some other higher urging, or will we slip into illusion, deceit, manipulation or escapism? (Back to that Texas legislation: could further shenanigans or obfuscation be likely, given that the leadership backdated the time stamp last week to make it look like the bill had passed before the deadline that ultimately stopped it?) Friday’s choice, when Venus meets Pluto, involves octaves of desire and power. Are we honest about our motivations and desires? Are we pushing past fear and going for what we want? Do we crave something/one because we truly want it, or because it belongs to someone else (and we’re trying to best the owner)?

Over the weekend, as Venus nears the end of the gauntlet, the Moon joins in the grand trine. Emotions swell, fluctuate (possibly flowing in several directions at once) and rush into a stable channel where the water feels fine. This could involve wine coolers for some people, time in the pool or at the movies for others, and probably a momentary pause when all’s right with your world.

Then comes the fireworks display, as the Moon and Venus set off volatile Uranus. The center can not hold; things fall apart. Work this to your benefit. Take chances. Open windows. Kick out walls. Break out.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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