Forecast for July 15-21, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

A tsunami alert is in effect all week. The same goes for monsoons, flooding and abnormally high tides. The summer’s water energy is hitting a peak. Dams are breaking, rivers are overflowing their banks, and streets are filling with runoff and more. Rushing water is finding pathways, toppling or wearing down impediments and carrying anything that moves along with it.

This will play out literally; the weather promises to be spectacular. For many of us, the flow will be primarily symbolic and emotional. Hang on to your boogie boards, ski harness or oars; we’re riding big waves and rapids now.

The flow is a natural continuation and escalation of matters that have been in process since early June, at least. (Possibly as far back as June of last year, too, with some streams from 2009-2011 as well.)  The current ramping up is sending the waters to the highest we will experience this summer.

The defining astrological influence of the summer, the round-robin of energy known as the grand trine in water, is linking up exactly this week, with two different influences completing the circuit. (The grand trine is activating the areas of your chart that contain the early degrees of the three water signs. If you don’t know where they fall, you can run your chart for free here, if you know your time of birth.)

The first planet to complete the circuit is Jupiter, the planet that ups any action he gets near. As he whips up Cancer’s home, family and territorialism midweek, expect cartoonishly large developments and breakthroughs, with nary a rational brain cell in sight. This means new horizons in moodiness, sentimentality, turf-staking, comfort food and petulance — but also miracles, rainmaking, manna and pennies from heaven and situations beyond your wildest dreams. (He’s also going to push women, mothers, children and their issues more into the streets and into the fore.) Whatever impulses rise up within you, or come at you, he is simply going to make them bigger.

Movement below the surface is adding to the agitation of the rising waters. Turmoil is summoning upheaval and rebellion up from the depths as Uranus, the agent of unpredictable change, begins a backward march that will last for nearly the rest of the year.  The waters aren’t merely gaining in height; they are also reaching deeper and deeper parts of your being. The ongoing tectonic shifts in your life are providing the cracks, fissures and other entry points for the flow and emotions to rush down deeper. They’re carving out caverns, canyons and new internal landscapes.

After Jupiter sets tidal waves in motion, the current opens fully in the wing of the grand trine that connects Saturn and Neptune, the most earthbound and least physical influences in the zodiac.  We are well and truly living on the bridge between spirit and matter — we *are* the bridge, I’ve been contending — and what that makes becomes clearer. Realities and ramifications and consequences come down on us. Dreams solidify, or crash against the rocks. Authority figures ramp up lies and shady dealings. Who knows, maybe a government will even expose its citizens to odorless gas. It could happen; this week is a probable window for one of the three days in July that the NYC MTA is releasing fluorocarbons in the subways in a so-called safety test. (Read more about that mind-boggling program here and here.)

After we’ve been carried along on this wild ride, limbs flailing as we hoop and holler and gasp for air, a huge force will push against the water and off we go some more. The cause is Mars, the planet that rules our motivation and drive, taking Jupiter’s place on Saturday and unleashing-to-encouraging assertiveness, aggression and the will to shape where all this is taking us.  Action happens, and how. Emotions surge. Baking frenzies ensue. Anger spins out of control (remember, pushing against water leads to backwash.) With the warrior god so active in the realm of the Great Mother, the political effects will be fascinating.

During this storm surge, Mercury, the ruler of communication and transportation, ends his retrograde. Clarity is not immediate; it’ll be a few days until he begins moving. His slow-moving turnaround in emotional waters has the speed and nuance of an ocean liner changing course. The waves, the surges, the dramas, the fast action will take on a timeless, endless quality; we’ll feel suspended in them, probably clearer on our own reactions but not yet able to convey them.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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