Forecast for July 22-28, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

Finally, a change of pace. Go-with-the-flow mode is so last week. This one begins with a thunderclap, a flash of lightning or a clink of chains unlocking and triggering and motivated action.  We’re climbing — or maybe shooting — out of the water in which we’ve been swirling, swimming, surfing and, at times, drowning. And suddenly we know what we absolutely have to do. Actually implementing that knowledge, though, is another matter.

Maybe our time out of the wet is only long enough to look down/back at it and get a fresh perspective. Maybe we actually find a tiny island where we can briefly touch down. Either way we can shake off some of the sogginess and feel the warmth of the sun. We place our feet on the solid ground of sober habits, discernment and healthy boundaries.  We can contemplate the week’s epiphanies, awakenings and liberations and sit a spell with the call to action we’re feeling so intensely. We may pull off some forward movement. The week’s biggest movement, however, is getting some distance on the water and all it entails.

The gear shift hits on Monday, with enough abrupt changes to cause whiplash. First, the watery, emotional flow escalates into another tidal wave as Mars, planet of action, teams with bigger-is-better Jupiter.  Thereafter sociability takes a dive. What we want most is to clean up and dry off, when Venus trades Leo’s fun and drama-loving mode for the earth mother trappings of Virgo. Meanwhile, the Sun leaves the waters of Cancer for his warm, fiery, high-energy home of Leo and quickly sets up the summer’s first Full Moon in Aquarius. (A second comes late next month, at the end of the sign.)

This week’s Full Moon is in the very first degree of the sign, delivering a raw, unrefined and unsophisticated blast of Uranian electricity. It’s shocking, alarming, awakening and motivating. (Read more in my mooncast).

And that’s just on Monday.

As we come to grips with this Full Moon and all it unleashes, the week unfolds in one long void of course Moon after another. Moon voids are floaty, diffuse stretches between the Moon’s last major aspect and her entry into the next sign. They can feel as if nothing’s happening or nothing can happen, and even when they bristle with activity often little comes of it afterward. This week’s will bring to mind a cartoon character running wildly in place in the air, after a chunk of cliff fell out from under him.

There will be plenty to think about within those voids, and during the rest of the week as well. Cosmic messenger Mercury is now direct again and will return to noticeable movement by mid-week. Confusions will begin to clear up; information will come loose that explains much; misunderestandings may begin to unsnarl.

As the weekend approaches, Venus links up with the major players in the grand water trine, which is creating the rushing round-robin of emotional and other nonrational energy. She brings all that we value — relationships, beauty, creativity, money — within reach of the flow that is connecting Neptune (transcendence of physicality), Saturn (rules, order and the epitome of physicality) and Jupiter, whose golden touch heightens whatever he touches, for good or ill. Love may feel at a standstill, briefly, as opportunities appear to improve and solidify situations, to impose structure, obligations or responsibilities on arrangements, or perhaps to tighten them up in a big way.  (Sounds like more news about legislating women’s health.) The positive spin on this process is optimizing. Go for that.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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