Forecast for August 19-25, 2013

This week could be crazy. It will definitely be hopping. By the end of it, many of us will be feeling much better. Until then…all bets are off.

The tension that’s been building is finding release. Some of that is going to micmic a pressure cooker (remember that?) erupting with so much steam that the lid blows off. That’s not the only quality of the week, however. It has three big beats:  impulsive-to-explosive action, regrouping and analysis, and then more action, coupled this time with clarity.

A Uranian double punch leads off the week. Uranus strikes with the force and unpredictability of lightning, delivering flashes of genius, shattering locks, chains and points of view, and flipping the course of events in an instant. He is in not only in charge of Tuesday’s Full Moon, but also setting off pyrotechnics with Jupiter early Wednesday morning.

The coinciding of these two events collapses them effectively into one experience. The Full Moon, the second this summer in the sign of Aquarius, continues lighting up how well our individuality is finding expression in the context of a group.  (Read more in my mooncast, which will posted by Tuesday.) The clash with Jupiter escalates the tension that’s been building all month and pushes it beyond the point of being tolerated. You’re aware of what’s been stirring and gaining strength for the past two weeks or more. Now the labor pains intensify, the water breaks, the contractions quicken and a development that has been gestating springs into being.

This is a shoot-first, look-later influence, triggering sudden, emboldened, even shocking realizations, moves, leaps, shifts, eruptions, blows, breakthroughs, breakups and just plain breaks. Connections, associations, organizations, even dreams could change in the blink of an eye — or the flash of a flame igniting a match (fuse/firework/oil-soaked rag). You could find that action you’ve been mulling over is suddenly a done deal, birthed by a boldness, daring and insistence you might not have thought possible.

What sets off this week’s flurries isn’t necessarily dramatic, however, although some of it certainly will be. Situations have become so destabilized, and so ripe for a new form, that they could morph at the slightest touch, like a person walking by a house of cards and the air movement, or a creaking floorboard, being enough to cause the structure to collapse.

Relationships in particular will look quite different on the other side of this. It’s the final tightening of the t-square that has Jupiter opposite Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change. Both are bearing down on Uranus, and the place where all the pressure will dump out is across from Uranus, in Libra, the relationship sign. It’s as if an archer has been pulling a bow and arrow back excruciatingly far and is finally letting the arrow fly. It lands on the playing field of relationships, which will shapeshift into forms that are ultimately more suitable for you.

While the excitement, blasts and shock waves are reverberating, the Sun and Mercury move into the feet-on-the-ground, analytical mode of Virgo, on Thursday and Friday. The shift provides both grounding and distance. It kicks us into objectivity, helping us to think, talk and strategize about everything that’s going on as well as how all of it can be improved upon. “What does this mean?” “What can I do with/about this?” are more probable reactions than swearing at the sky, the gods or another person, even when yet another shoe drops.

The weekend intensifies the action again. The two planets of desire and money, Venus and Pluto, ramp up primal, nonrational magnetic attractions and impulses. Some are naughty, some transgress propriety (triangles are the geometry of the weekend), and some we’d rather keep private, for whatever reason. Yet out they are coming into the light, along with with a bracing dose of self-knowledge. Whatever happens this week, whatever dramas play out over the weekend, we will not be stumbling about confused. Mental clarity is the final gift of the week, and what we are most clear about is ourselves.


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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