Forecast for August 26 – September 1, 2013

Last week was full of jolts, hair-pin turns, game-changers and eye-openers. Even if you made it through without whiplash (and some people did), you have been feeling the effects — and so, increasingly, are key relationships.

Your vision is different. Your heart and attitude are, too, particularly where a core factor is concerned. Situations and viewpoints that were rooted in certainty have been yanked into — well, you aren’t completely sure what.

That’s what you’re figuring out now. Venus, the planet that rules all we value, is running a gauntlet of harsh contacts to all the players behind last week’s dust-ups. The dust-ups are finding their way to relationships, agreements (particularly involving money) and general good manners, working them over and ultimately tempering them.  Over the weekend, Venus heated up huge and primal desires and yearnings that are screaming for satisfaction and threatening (yea, verily, requiring the rewriting of) the foundations of many a relationship. Now she is staring down rebellious, uncontrollable, unconfinable Uranus, and last week’s turmoil is sending shock waves into all our relationships.

Perhaps you’re chomping at the bit for something new and daring, but it’s out of reach. Perhaps you see the relationship changes that are inevitable after last week and the prospect is freaking you out. Perhaps, also because of last week, certain arrangements are fraught with nervousness, edginess and electricity.  Perhaps you are tingly with readiness for the next, inevitable, exciting stage, but circumstances are not quite lined up for it.

No worries. (That’s just a figure of speech, you realize.) Venus’ next stop has the potential to escalate and capitalize on last week’s twists and turns and also reveal the silver lining within them. She’s making a forceful link to Jupiter that speeds up the epidemic of growth spurts. It’s pushing the desire for gratification and indulgence to the max. It’s hinting at the personal benefits in even the most unwelcome events of last week, and those hints are coming through relationships. (Clue:  appropriate ones are glowing all the more golden; detrimental ones are hurting all the more as well.)

Our hearts will have their way, in a big way, even if we can’t get it immediately. We’ll soon start trying, though. The drive to go for it ramps up before Venus moves out of this stalemate, when her cosmic partner Mars enters Leo, sign of the self, the eternal child, and fiery, playful, dramatic action.

After our hearts come to grips with last week, our minds wrap themselves around it. Cosmic messenger Mercury makes his own links to last week’s power players, and the dust-ups’ impact spreads through messages, mental workings and how we get around.  We lose interest in distractions and zero in on hard, empowering truths (from an easy link between Mercury and Pluto, on Wednesday). We face choices in perspective and frame of reference; we grapple with information that opens up our options and breaks us from expectations of what we assumed was coming (from an adjustment aspect to Uranus, on Thursday). By Friday, cause for optimism arrives and our information flow and outlook open onto sunny skies and better possibilities than we had foreseen (Mercury sextile Jupiter).

All that glitters is not gold; some of it is silver. It’s sparkling, if we’ll look, in what we’re seeing now. It has the potential to make us more confident and comfortable in ourselves, even if we have to cut away attachment to the past, or a fear, or a dead something that we’ve continued to carry around. At this point, cutting loose is only a good thing.


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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