2013 Virgo New Moon

September 5, 2013
4:36 AM PDT / 7:36 AM EDT / 11:38 AM GMT
13 Virgo 04

The Virgo New Moon is the ideal clean-up influence to follow the last two months. It puts detached observation, clear thinking, logical analysis and a bent for betterment and efficiency into an environment that is ripe for improvement and healing.

Sound like any situations in your life?

Yet this Moon’s potential is not necessarily cold or clinical.  Its scrub-it-till-it-sparkles drive has access to tender loving care, a boundless supply of bandages and kisses for those booboos, and maybe some cream-filled doughnuts, too.

The primary characteristic, and the first we’ll feel, is the mental orientation. The Moon is near the middle of the sign, within reach of its ruler Mercury, the cosmic messenger and lord of gab, gadgets and getting around. Not only is he participating directly in the New Moon, but he is also chatting with the Moon on either side of the event. The Moon contacts Mercury on the way in and out of her meeting with the Sun (first by declination, then by zodiacal degree).

The upshot is an ability to take a more dispassionate view than the past few months have allowed. Think of it as a dose of Spock vision — the detached, quizzical and at times bemused attitude of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. His stock response was “fascinating.” Adopt it for the next couple of weeks as you sort through recent developments and encounter new ones. Apply it and see if that doesn’t provide a distance that helps you see clearly, process the information and then strategize a response.

You may get a different and helpful viewpoint on your own pain and troubles. The Moon’s objectivity is wired for addressing the summer’s traumas and the longstanding wounds that they agitated. The New Moon is across the sky from Chiron, the dwarf planet that embodies our abiding wound and the challenge of mastering it. Transiting Chiron (in the sky now, as opposed to in a birth chart) represents an area where healing is possible. This Moon fosters the ability to see where and what the wound is and, just as importantly, what can be done about it.

The prospect is good for feeling better soon, or at least feeling optimistic. The New Moon is in a beneficial link to the beneficial planet, Jupiter, in the sign of nurturing and mothering. This link puts kindness, gentleness and care-taking into the Virgo process. It increases the chance of seeing the personal good in developments and framing your ongoing analysis with the question, “How could this be better?”

It may awaken longing for milk and cookies and the simplicity of childhood. We may work on how to regain some of the sweetness and simplicity we remember. This Moon may well send a lot of us into the refuge of food as currency for love (some of which we may fix for others, and some of which we may snack on for ourselves.) And if what you observe pierces your Spock vision to the point of making you weep, the tears will be curative and cleansing.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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