Forecast for week of September 9-15, 2013

Assessing and getting clarity are giving way to strategies, implementation and spur-of-the-moment leaps. This week talk turns lyrical. We push against the walls of the known universe. Desires heat up. Hard, simplifying truths arrive. Then we zoom (or are catapulted) into a liberating, self-actualizing direction.

A new and multilayered mode of communicating and relating provides the backdrop, which comes from two planets changing signs. On Monday, cosmic messenger Mercury enters Libra, relationship central, where he weaves awareness of others into our thoughts and words. He encourages well-turned phrases, poetic gestures, an appreciation of harmony and visual beauty, and discourse on fairness and social justice.  On Wednesday, the doyenne of Libra, Venus, moves into down and dirty Scorpio, where her niceties dissolve in primal passions, desires and impulses.

Beautiful words with potent forces churning beneath them mean that undercurrents will be powerful. Mercury and Venus in these two signs operate like the subtitled scene in Annie Hall, without the self-doubt and deprication and heavy on mental undressing and more.

The week’s action starts on Monday with Mars, ruler of our drive and energy, testing Saturn, the cosmic brake.  We hit a wall — rules, an obligation, an institution, authority or force with greater power or resources — and we kick it. We demand our fair share (probably more than we ordinarily claim; look up “lion’s share”) from an investment of time, money or energy.  We may not see immediate progress, but the mere impact builds up pressure and momentum that will find release by the weekend.

Saturday melds true love (not Hollywood-style) with rare honesty and daring action.  This does not necessarily mean a romantic relationship falling into place, but does indicate all manner of self-aware, courageous leaps of faith. Venus, goddess of love and all we value, teams with Neptune, font of higher love, to bless interactions with compassion and a rare sensation of communion. Her mouthpiece Mercury makes a forceful link with Pluto, lord of the shadows, that delivers hard truths, shines a light on lies and bogeymen and strips away baggage.

With hearts open and minds clear and focused, breakthrough occurs. Action god Mars makes an easy link to the awakening genius of Uranus, agent of radical, sudden, unforeseeable change.  The link turbocharges our drive and tosses accelerant into our inner fire.  Outside of us, wild cards are on the loose. Locks break; walls fall; situations flip in an instant.

This is the moment of implementation/actualization for whatever mid-August birthed in or for you: a concept, a decision, a relationship, a business, a revision of yourself.  Now it moves forward with alacrity, not only learning to crawl, but to leap.


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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