Forecast for September 16-22, 2013

This is a milestone week.  Long-pending developments are falling into place, internally and externally. We’re in for awakening, action, commitment, emotional healing, and construction milestones in the reworking of our foundations. It’s as if we’re hurrying up to get a new regime in place before the Fall Equinox on Sunday. And also as if destiny is behind it all — which even nonbelievers will be suspecting, out loud.

Several planets make major journeys this week. The one that grounds it all is Saturn, ruler of order. He signals that it’s time for concepts to come down into reality, then sprinkles the week with opportunities to do so. He sounds the cosmic alarm clock when he meets with the North Node of destiny on Monday, imposing responsibilities, announcing ramifications and consequences, and requiring us to commit to our most precious shared resources and use them wisely. Rearranging the playing field to fit follows next, as he and Pluto, lord of death and rebirth, move into a beneficial sextile, which is exact on Saturday.

Against this backdrop, the week launches with a new viewpoint fresh on our minds and soon brings an opening to act on it, as cosmic communicator Mercury stares down radical change agent Uranus (Monday) and then links with action hero Mars (Tuesday).

Hearts, desires and values come to the fore by Wednesday, when their ruler Venus encourages big-time, fated commitment — and accepting a passionate desire moving from something we want into something we have. She’s firming up a connection that is powerful and future-oriented, by meeting with structure-loving Saturn and the North Node. She’s also reaching out to Pluto, her primal, beyond-mortal-comprehension counterpart as far as desires and money go. Itches demand scratching and magnets turn into tractor beams when these two cooperate. That natural tendency goes exponential with her currently in Pluto’s home sign of Scorpio. This collaboration promises steamy, irresistible and not at all rational developments, but they should also be stabilizing, what with Saturn as chaperone, who should minimize the forbidden fruit danger that is typical when Venus and Pluto connect.

There’s an overriding sense that much is falling into place, and some of it quite nicely, too. Thursday’s Pisces Full Moon enhances that with the possibility of healing emotional wounds (especially baggage we have carried for others) and the illusion of separation. This Moon is a status report on how you feel about all the data you’ve been collecting and assessing all month.  With Jupiter pumping up Mercury, the event will not be quiet. Minds will be racing and expanding, and conversations flying to keep up. (Read more in my mooncast, which will be on the site by Wednesday.)

As solid as developments are feeling, finally, don’t confuse their current state with permanence. Tweaks and choices are on tap — what is it that you really want? — as we settle into all this settling in. On Thursday, Venus makes an adjustment aspect to awakener Uranus and throws a new possibility at us.  She also has an open current to Chiron, embodiment of our abiding wounds, so the moment of choice is tinged with forgiveness and balm to the heart.

The path is also vibrating with distant rumblings of more change to come as Pluto turns stationary direct. Undercurrents that have been roiling since mid-April are beginning their ascent to the surface; hidden impulses are coming out into the open.

They’re part of the weekend’s construction milestone. The opportunity is finally here to see major, noticeable progress in responding to all the recent upheaval. We’ve been in a near-constant state of addressing, repairing and remodeling the foundation of our lives. Now the tools appear, the workers appear, the puzzle pieces shift, and the ground we tread takes new form, or shape, or substance.

Or maybe we simply become aware of change that has already occurred. Saturn and Pluto have been energetically connected all year, because each is in the other’s sign (a condition called mutual reception). Now they are formally working together to facilitate restructuring of all manner of foundations and institutions, long term security, rules and responsibilities in sharing, joint resources, trust, and reciprocity.

It’s a new framework for everything, and the most immediate area it will be seen is relationships.  The Autumn Equinox, on Sunday, coincides with the Sun’s move into Libra, the sign of relationships, fairness and agreements. We enter the fall primed for deeper connecting, deeper sharing and greater stakes.


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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