2013 Pisces Full Moon

September 19, 2013
4:13 AM PDT / 7:13 AM EDT / 11:13 AM GMT
26 Pisces 40 / 26 Virgo 40

by Kathy Biehl

Merging; feeling; purging; healing: Those are the potentials of this month’s Pisces Full Moon.

It’s a summation point for the analytical bent that has steered the month. We’ve been (or have had the opportunity to be) uncommonly detached and discriminating while surveying and considering all the jolts and shifts the summer birthed. Spock Vision can take us humans only so far, though. At some point — as in: now — the feelings that review has stirred have to find release.

This Full Moon is an all-consuming, all-encompassing event, dripping with emotions to the max.  It invites out to wring out what’s been welling up (heavy tear advisory), some of which we’ve probably also been soaking up. It reminds us of how interconnected we are with each other and all of life, and also of how advisable strong, firm boundaries are. It encourages letting yourself off the hook, treating yourself with more of that kindness and compassion you grant to others and dropping the mindset that you are responsible for other people’s thoughts, actions, issues, pain….you name it.

In other words, this is a powerhouse event.

Let as much flow as you dare, and then some. The year has been high on stress, drama, trauma, disruptions, volatility and whiplash-inducing change. Consider this a time to flush out your system and reconsider what you will allow in.

The rulers of this event are both supporting this approach. The Moon’s ruler Neptune, ruler of transcendent experiences (i.e. anything but grounded) is still traveling with Chiron, which embodies the challenge of embracing core wounds to master the physicality of existence. The pair carries the prospect of healing the illusion of separation (How many of you feel isolated? Misunderstood?) and, paradoxically, the enmeshment that can come from sharing air and space with other beings. (We used to call that codependency).

A course correction may be in order, or, more likely, a tweak in your over-arching approach. And that may involve giving yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Neptune is making an out-of-sign adjustment aspect to the Sun and growth aspect to the Moon. Wallowing in the old muck isn’t possible. The waters are not stagnant. They’re stirring, and aerated, and set up to wash over and through and out of you. Think of it as a spa for your spirit.

And as for thinking:  it’s up for major overhaul as well. The Sun’s ruler Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is in the approach to a t-square with the cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto. The pressure caused by this configuration is bearing down on Pluto, overseer of fundamental, unavoidable change.

All that data you’ve been taking in is changing your frame of reference. Everything you’ve been through in the past two to three months, possibly longer, is reshaping your thinking, your attitudes, your approach, your unconscious, instinctive reactions, and your personal shortlist of priorities. (It’s growing shorter and shorter, isn’t it?)

You may find yourself saying goodbye to people, dreams, wishes, memories, ancient pains, slights and injuries. You may find yourself weeping over events that happened decades ago, or that involve people you don’t know, in other states or other parts of the planet.

Release is an enormous factor now — not merely the expression of emotions, but the letting go of ones you’ve been dragging around. Resentment, for example. You could simply, and surprisingly suddenly, get over demonizing certain people (including yourself) in the stories you treasure and retell about your life.

And you could let yourself off the hook, in so many ways. You could forgive yourself for the past, but also lighten your load for the future. The way to do that is not merely through healthy boundaries, the gift of the Virgo end of this Full Moon, but also by changing your thinking about being responsible for other people.

Each of us is undergoing an intense and fundamental restructuring of our lives, for the rest of this year and, sorry to say, long beyond. Each of us has more than enough to do handling that without draining energy, focus and time on other people’s processes. Yes, you can care. Yes, you can be concerned. But you don’t have to treat other people as personal improvement projects. In fact, you don’t have to carry or solve or even worry about other people’s problems. Those behaviors are doing a disservice to your objects of concern and probably interfering with their ability to run their own lives.

So back off.  Mind your own business, trust others to take care of their own, and either you’ll end up with greater reciprocity (sick of doing most of the work in a relationship?) or you’ll find allegiances changing. Focus on yourself. Feel your pain. Let go of your pain. Release the pain and more that you’ve picked up from everyone around you.  (Here’s a free tool that will help.) Ease up on yourself. There’s enough pressure in this ongoing evolutionary process without you adding to it. Drop worrying about what other people think or what they’re doing. Look for signs of grace in your life. Look for signs of the divine in the people around you.

As I said:  a powerhouse event.

“What you think of me is none of my business.” — Bob “Fruitbat” Carrington

“Good fences make good neighbors.” — Robert Frost, “Mending Wall”

“I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together.” Lennon & McCartney, “I Am The Walrus.


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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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