Forecast for September 23-29, 2013

This is a week of YES. This is a week of moving from burdens, delays and overwhelm into a mode of “Let’s see how we can make this happen.” After which hunches, talk and messages abandon niceties and dive below the surface, where the real work — and real bugaboos — lie.


Everyone’s flexing new muscles. It’s coming more easily to be unhesitatingly, unapologetically yourself, to express your real nature (instead of the pose you’ve been maintaining to get by), and to push yourself forward courageously, and maybe with something approaching childlike abandon. (Okay, so some people are still short of that last bit.)

All of that comes to the fore with Mars, planet of action, making a growth aspect to Jupiter, who subtly but exponentially enlarges everything he touches. Watch for daring, even flamboyant action to get past those burdens, delays and overwhelm (That could include lion-like protectiveness toward situations or people who have your heart.) Taking a deep breath and taking one tiny act could snowball into more than you that was possible. Situations could also spiral into absolute drama, too, unfortunately, so approach your local vortex with caution.

Fortunately, the atmosphere is generally warm and cheery, aided by love goddess Venus making her own easy link to expansive Jupiter.  People are inclined toward sociability and helpfulness. Friendships are flowing. Relationships are blooming. Matters you value deeply are growing. Figuring out what to do next is not a solo sport right now; other people are involved.

Charisma and animal magnetism are in high supply. Mars and Venus, archetypes of the masculine and the feminine, are at extremes in their polarity. The masculine (Mars in Leo) is super courageous, leading and assertive. The feminine (Venus in Scorpio) is hyper magnetic and receptive.

This combination is a signature for courtship. We’re all in a mating dance now. Whether it’s a raise, a promotion, a job, a date, a sexual favor, a chunk of money or more, one side of each equation has something the other side wants, badly.

Actually, each side has something the other wants. With the cosmic lovers making a clashing aspect, something’s got to give. Action is imperative. Moves will be made to snare the desired prize, or at least to knock a situation out of stasis. Getting angry, blowing up or letting off steam could play a tole, but even with that, the planetary line-up is likely to lend a certain charm to week’s scuffles, demands and ultimatums. Taking things “to the next level” will be an unfortunately rampant phrase. If you can get past the cliche, it will have applicability to much in your life.

On an inner level, this hard aspect delivers the rocket fuel needed to turn a desire into reality. The blast is the foundation piece for manifestation that is so often overlooked. It’s lacking, for example, in a misguided segment of the film “The Secret,” when a young woman gazes longingly at a jeweled necklace in a shop window until (insert magic harp sound cue here) the baubles materialize around her neck. We may well set our eye on something we crave as much as she did that necklace, but we won’t simply stand and long. When our heart signals what it wants, our drive will spring after it. We might walk inside and find out the price. Take on extra work to pay for the necklace. Tell a wealthy benefactor we’d like it, please. The point is, we’ll do something.

At the week’s end, cosmic messenger Mercury leaves the graceful intellect of Libra and plummets into the steamy waters of Scorpio for a 10-week stay. (The reason for the length is that he’ll be turning retrograde next month, but more on that later.)  The unspoken will convey more, and carry more weight than, actual words. Telepathy will abound. The air will be thick with secrets – some coming to light, others merely hints and whispers and hushes. Trust your guidance system. Keep it clean, charged and plugged in, and banish all those little green men from under your bed, the closet and your house.  Info is yours for the having.

For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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