Forecast for September 30 – October 6, 2013

Another lurching growth spurt is open us. This one has an usually lasting impact, because it sets up the platform and the direction of movement for the fall.

It is the next way station in the restructuring and evolution that is ongoing inside and around us. We’ve changed. Now our foundations and institutions are changing, and so is our bottom line.

This week builds on developments in August. Think back to about 2/3 of the way through that month. Major shapeshifting happened then — perhaps internally, perhaps in a relationship, but definitely with a significant aspect of birthing a new form.

The same kind of astrological pressure is at work now, with a change in players and positions. The pressure comes from the dynamic configuration of a t-square, with a different planet taking the brunt of the action.

Mid-August had expansive Jupiter and morph-master Pluto bearing down on radical, awakening Uranus, who pushed us all into a less fettered way of being. (Understanding this may require some pondering, but most people I’ve discussed this with have been able to identify a significant change around that time.)

Now we are standing fully in that new way, whatever it means for you personally, and seismic shifts are rippling out. Our new way of being is forcing all manner of changes in the structures that support us, as the Sun and the Libra New Moon team with Uranus to bear down on Pluto, the lord of transformation, in Capricorn, the sign of long-term security, material goals and major institutions.

This round of remodeling is fundamental, affecting huge issues of wealth, power, sex and other primal desires. That’s because Pluto isn’t the only target of this pressure. Anything that happens to him these days carries over as well to Saturn, the ruler of order, because each of them is in the other’s home sign. The current pressure is revamping concepts of control, authority, trust, intimacy, reciprocity and return on investment. Scary (and scared) nonrational impulses that generally lurk out of sight are surfacing and writhing in the open.

This evolutionary process continues through the fall for two reasons. First, the influence is core to Friday’s New Moon in Libra, which is the first of the autumn and sets the tone for the whole season. (Read more in my mooncast, which will be on the site by Thursday.)

Second, this configuration sets the stage for November, when this week’s demand for change escalates into the wave of the future. That’s when Pluto, this week’s pressure point, hosts the Scorpio New Moon, with Saturn (this week’s featured guest) in attendance. That New Moon is a solar eclipse, which will propel us along for at least the six months following.

This week will feel big. It does have lasting ramifications. Pay attention.


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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